What Are Anxiolytics

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2018)

What Are Anxiolytics

200447888-001Anxiolytics are also known as anti-anxiety nootropics, and work to reduce anxiety and stress levels in the brain by addressing the underlying neurochemical causes of anxiousness. This means users feel more relaxed with an improved mood and less propensity towards shyness and anxiety in social situations. Anxiolytic nootropics also work to improve brain cognition, memory, learning and reasoning.

Anxiety is most often caused by a GABA deficiency in the brain – this neurotransmitter is produced by glutamate and is the principal anti-anxiety neurotransmitter. If levels of GABA are low, the brain’s nerve cells can become overactive and transmit signals more quickly than they should. This can manifest itself in nervousness, mental strain and even compulsive behaviour, seizures and panic attacks. Most anxiolytics work in conjunction with GABA to overcome this.

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Popular Anxiolytic Nootropics

There are a number of Anxiolytic nootropics available depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s a brief overview of the most widely-used nootropics:

Phenibut – this is known as the best nootropic for relieving anxiety, and causes a mild sedative effect of the GABA-b receptors to relax the user. There are, however, side effects concerned with long term use of phenibut.

Aniracetam – widely viewed as the best nootropic for dealing with social anxiety, aniracetam is a strong mood enhancer that stimulates the AMPA receptors that control glutamate – something that is needed for the production of GABA. Not only does aniracetam diminish social inhibitions, it boosts motivation, focus, energy and communication skills.

Noopept – this anxiolytic activates the AMPA receptors and increases noopept.jpgglutamate uptake. These supplements cause higher amounts of serotonin and dopamine and work to reduce stress and anxiety.

Picamilon – rather than act like a sedative, picamilion is a mild stimulant that increases motivation and energy when used regularly and stacked with other nootropics. It is often used to treat negative thoughts, anxiety, mental tiredness and depression

Inositol – this is a natural supplement, also known as vitamin B8. Inositol increases GABA neurotransmitter release, which has a positive effect on mood and feelings of wellbeing and security. It is often used to treat depression, bipolar disorder and other serious mental health issues.

Please Note

Anxiolytics can cause insomnia in some users, alongside skin complaints, heightening blood sugar levels, hepatotoxicity and more. It’s important, therefore, to equip yourself with the facts and do your research before committing to regular use of anxiolytics.

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research into nootropics and my personal experiences with certain products. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.