Tongkat Ali Review (2018)

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Tongkat Ali Review (Updated 2019): Is It An Effective Stress Reducer?

by Paul Gardner

Tongkat Ali is a popular herbal extract – commonly referred to as Longjack or Eurycoma ,it has reported uses in the treatment of fertiity, libido boosting and as an anti estrogen agent. 

tongkat ali

It is also though to be good at helping to reduce stress.

It can also appear on ingredient labels under the following names:

Akar Pasak Bumi, Ali’s Umbrella, Ali’s Walking Stick, Batang Pasak Bumi, Bedara Pahit, Canne d’Ali, Cay ba binh, Eurycoma, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, Ginseng de Malaisie, Ian-don, Jelaih, Kayu Dali, Local Ginseng, Long Jack, Longjack, Malaysian Ginseng, Natural Viagra, Pasak Bumi, Payung Ali, Penawar Pahit, Pokok Jelas, Pokok Syurga, Sengkayap, Setunjang Bumi, Tho Nan, Tongkat Ali, Tongkat Baginda, Tung Saw, Umpudumaidu, Wonod Mondou

Having seen it in the formula of numerous supplements I decided to have a good look at it and its effects.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a herbal extract native to Asia, it was first reportedly used in Malaysia, which is the reason for it also being called Mayaysian ginseng. 

Men in Malaysia used to boil the leaves to make a tea type drink that helped (it is claimed) to boost their sexual prowess.

It is highly popular in traditional medicine, with its most common use being to help boost libido in men who have suffered from reduced testosterone. It is also believed to be an effective stress reducer.

It is thought to be effective without being stimulatory.

Discover The Benefits Of Tongkat Ali

As an Aphrodisiac – One of its most common uses is as an aphrodisiac, clinical studies have demonstrated positive results and when compared to other herbs, a high potency. Study results have shown a clear increase in libido of around 8.7%

Tongkat Ali is rich in a compound called 9-hydroxycanthin-6-1. This is known to help prolong erections and delay ejaculation.

Anti Estrogen Benefits – As men get older their testosterone production starts to deplete naturally. As this happens is quite common for their estrogen levels to increase.

This can bring with it, increased body fat, man boobs and reduced libido.

It is claimed that supplementing with Tongkat Ali can help reverse this process, boosting testosterone production and reducing estrogen. 

Sadly there is very limited clinical evidence to support this belief.

Reducing Stress – There have been studies that look into the effects of tongkat Ali on stress and the the release of the stress hormone cortisol. 

One particular study saw a defined link with taking Tongkat Ali daily for 4 weeks and the reduction of cortisol in the body

Other Uses For Tongkat Ali

tongkat ali root

There are reports of it being used in the treatment of malaria, fevers, and certain cancers. 

There is a distinct lack of any evidence to back up these claims, but I guess that it could help reduce the feelings of stress that you would no doubt experience should you suffer from any of these problems.

As I touched on earlier in this article, the root of Tongkat Ali has been shown to have some mild testosterone boosting effects, which might help improve libido, energy and muscle tone.

How Much Tongkat Ali Should I Take

There is no solid clinically approved dose. It’s generally accepted to be effective when taken in doses that range from 200-300mg at 100:1 extract. 

While this recommended dose is not official in any way, supplement experts suggest that the amount should be taken 1-2 times per day.

Personally I will be waiting until more solid clinical evidence is available on its benefits and safety before I feel comfortable taking any amount of Tongkat Ali

Does Tongkat Ali Cause Any Side Effects?

It is considered generally safe to take for periods of up to 9 months. 

Excess amounts could potentially lead to mercury or lead poisoning as the extract can contain small amounts of both – this particularly applies to Tongkat Ali extract sourced from Malaysia.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid Tongkat Ali as its true effects are still unknown

There are currently no listed interactions with any drugs or medicines

My Thoughts On Tongkat Ali

So far I have got through my life never having to take Tongkat Ali. I haven’t really needed it because it offers me no benefits… 

I am not a particular stress head, but if I do start to get stressed, I find that exercise and low impact relaxation techniques like mediation or yoga help me greatly.

There are lots of studies out there that do add weight to its claims particularly as a libido enhancer and there are literally hundreds of reviews from men ( and women) who claim its done a lot for them. 

Personally I am not sold on it, its also banned in a number of countries including the UK and throughout the EU. It is currently and legally available in the US however.

I am not saying that you should not take it as a stress reducer, but there are (in my opinion) better supplements out there. 

I would personally recommend that you look elsewhere until such times as most clinical evidence is available.

If you think I am wrong, or have anything further to add, please let me know by adding a comment below.

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