Theacrine – An Effective Nootropic?

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Theacrine – An Effective Nootropic?

What Is Theacrine And Can It Really Boost Brain Function?

I have come across a number of nootropic supplements that include a substance called Theacrine in their formulas….Intrigued, I have looked into exactly what this ingredient is and also discovered what effects it can have on our body, in particular our brain and its function.

What Is Theacrine524

Theacrine is an alkaloid with very similar structure to caffeine… It is found in the leaves of a particular tea plant called Camellia assamica which is the source of Kucha Tea

Kucha tea is high in both theabromine and caffeine

Not to be confused with Caffeine, Theanine and theaflavins, Theacrines chemical name ( and it does sometimes appear on supplement labels in this form) is 1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid… It bears a very similar resemblance to the molecule for caffeine with just a slight variance in one group.. It can also be recorded on labels as the brand name Theatrim ( where it is mixed with other ingredients including white willow bark, caffeine, rauwolfia, vitamin B12, s-adenosyl methionine and citrus bioflavonoid

Experts agree that Theacrine has twice the potency of caffeine when taken in sufficiently high doses

Effects and Uses Of Theacrine

Depending on the doses… Theacrine has shown to have both calming effects ( by helping to release dopamine) and a stimulant effect.

It is also believed to have pain reducing properties – studies carried out using rodents have shown between 10 and 18% reduction in pain response at doses of 8mg/kg body weight ( read study here –)

There has to date been just one study on human subjects that looked at the possible attention and focus boosting effects of theacrine.. the results were inconclusive, the very minimal results could not directly be traced back to theacrine supplementation – read study here – 

8d9f736fae5d3377ae5a24cff52594bcWhen mixed with other ingredients, theacrine has shown an ability to help reduce fatigue as well as stress and anxiety… this however must be stressed has only been seen in rodents.. the doses given during the trials are consistent with an adult humans drinking a cup of Kucha Tea… taken 30 minutes before going to bed can help improve sleep time and quality

In higher doses, Theacrine can also generate a stimulant effect similar to that generated by caffeine.


What all this basically proves is that (in simple terms) while drinking a cup of tea containing Theacrine can possibly relax, reduce stress and help improve your sleep, there is no ( as of yet) solid clinical evidence that adding Theacrine to your daily supplementation will have any direct effect (positive of negative) on your memory, focus, concentration or general cognitive function

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