The Difference Between Citicoline and Alpha GPC

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

The Difference Between Citicoline and Alpha GPC

If you research natural nootropic ingredients, two ingredients that are found in many of the better supplements are either Citicoline or Alpha GPC…

They cost similar amounts and their recommended doses are quite similar, as is their effect which is to basically increase the levels of acetylcholine in the brain, which leads to improved memory and better overall cognitive function…

Citicoline vs Alpha GPC

While both these ingredients work to increase acetylcholine, they both have very different mechanisms, they can both be considered as effective nootropics even when taken on their own…

Alpha GPC for example increases dopamine concentrations in certain areas of the brain, while Citicoline affects the release of dopamine and the densities of the dopamine receptors..

Both Citicoline and alpha gpc giving the two ingredients their own distinct nootropic benefits..


Citicoline is quite unique in its action, when taken as a supplement, it first converts into choline and then once through the blood brain barrier turns back into citicoline where it works to boost choline synthesis as well as boost the levels of phospholipids which in turn positively affects the release and synthesis of acetylcholine…

Citicoline also turns into Uridine, which is another useful nootropic in its own right….

alpha_gpcAlpha GPC is a compound found naturally within the body as well as some foodstuffs..

Taking Alpha GPC in supplement form has been shown to boost cognitive functioning, especially in those patients with reduced choline levels….

It has a different action to citicoline in that instead of helping to boost the natural production of acetylcholine, it actually catabolises into acetylcholine itself.

Both Citicoline and Alpha GPC offer proven benefits that positively boost cognitive function.

Animal based studies have shown that Alpha GPC helps to increase dopamine levels in the front cortex in rats, it has also been seen to improve the release of dopamine from neutrons in certain conditions…

Citicoline encourages tyrosine hydroxylase activity which also leads to increased dopamine levels,boosting memory and cognitive function..

Which Is Best- Alpha GPC Or Citicoline?

Both Alpha GPC and Citicoline have a solid nootropic action behind them, and both can definitely provide a helpful boost to memory and general cognitive function..Kyowa-s-citicoline-shows-benefits-for-people-with-mild-vascular-cognitive-impairment

If I was to choose between the two, I would have to say that Citicoline would be my recommended option…

The reason for this is really down to clinical trials, where as Alpha GPC relies heavily on animal trials, Citicoline – in particular the one released by Cognizin® has the backing of some impressive human trials…

One trial on Citicoline carried out in 2011 demonstrated that after just 4 weeks of supplementation, the test subjects showed remarkable increase in attention and focus during psychological testing…..

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