The Benefits Of Uridine

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Just How Essential Is Uridine For Optimum Brain Health

Uridine is an excellent brain boosting supplement that generally offers some great benefits for overall health and well being..It is essential for a wide range of general cognitive functions that involve RNA.uridine-supplements1-300x168

RNA ( Ribonucleic Acid) helps to facilitate protein translation at your neuronal synapses… supplementing with Uridine has been scientifically documented to help both memory retention and general memory formation.. It works very well with both Racetams and Choline supplements like Cognizin.

Uridine is found naturally in some food stuffs that include Broccoli, Yeast, Tomatoes and sugar cane.. it is also made in the liver in small amounts..

Its chemical structure shows it to be a Nucleic acid with a pyrimidine base, when synthesised it bonds together to an alcohol group of a sugar based compound.

Uridine works well with other substances, none more so than phosphate groups and lipids.. some studies have also showed that its quite effective as an anti depressant.. A study carried out at Harvard University also found that it became an effective mood enhancer when taken alongside certain Omega 3 supplements.

The Effects Of Uridine

what-is-uridine-176x300Uridine is generally absorbed from the liver and is one of those few compounds that can cross the blood brain barrier.. alongside guanosine, cytidine and adenosine it is one of the key components in RNA that translates instructions form DNA to the proteins.. RNA is crucial to our formation and retention of memories.. In simple terms it helps to retain memories in the brain as a connection between neutrons known as synapses… These are actually physical connections and require good levels of RNA to keep them maintained… as RNA depletes with age our ability to store or recall memories often depletes and that is why supplementing with uridine can be so effective.

Uridine is also an effective precursor to dopamine production.. this hormone is one of those so called ‘feel good hormones’ thai is responsible for our moods and general feeling of well being.

Uridine has another effect as well, it is also turned into CDP Choline in the brain, which as we have covered in a separate article helps to release another key neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine which is known to boost the brains working memory.

The Benefits Of Uridine Supplementation

Uridine has some wide reaching brain boosting benefits, these include, better moods, and motivation along with improved working memory, and increased intelligence.. this can help users to read, write or simply concentrate easier without as much effort.

Researchers are convinced that Uridine can actually help reduce the process of brain ageing.. there is even speculation that it could potentially slow the onset of alzheimers disease.

Do I Need To Take Separate Uridine Supplements?

They are available thats for sure, however, substantial amounts of Uridine is also formed in the brain during the processing of Cognizin – a powerful source of citicoline and one of our recommended nootropic ingredients found in Mind Lab of our top rated nootropic supplements….

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