Bulletproof Coffee Review

Bulletproof Coffee Review

Will Bulletproof Coffee Really Blow Your Mind? Discover How To Make This Effective Brain Booster

Have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee ? If not you got to check this out.  This is a simple to make energy booster that can really turbocharge your focus and productiveness. Discover its recipe and how it works here. 

What Is Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee (BPC) is one of the most powerful mental energy booster that I have ever come across. Its easy to make (although the recipe does sound a bit wierd), and believe me, it really does deliver some mind blowing ( excuse the pun) results.

Bulletproof coffee is a super powerful energy booster. It is a fast working, high effective drink that will boost moods, energy levels and most likely your cognitive performance too.

BPC is basically filtered coffee, that is mixed with unsalted (preferably grass fed) butter, and coconut oil.

Before you start saying “why in the hell would i put butter and coconut oil in my coffee”, let me tell you – because the energy boost it gives will shock you to the core.

Why Drink BPC

Its hard to find studies that confirm these effects, as with many products, research isn’t always easy to find. So we have to go with a little bit of logic, and what we do know about these three ingredients.

There are some research articles that detail how grass fed butter can help boost brain function. It contains a mix of health fats that can help balance hormones and boost energy levels including cognitive function. Not only that, it makes the most creamiest coffee ever.

The caffeine in coffee is a proven energy booster, it is found in many nootropic supplements, energy drinks and other products – namely pre-workout supplements that give bodybuilders an energy boost before they hot the gym.

 Usually I don’t actually like those products that just rely on caffeine to provide that energy ‘hit’ (which often is short lived and often results in an unpleasant crash as the effects where off.) 

With this blend of Coffee, butter and coconut oil, the effects are fast to take hold. but they also seem to last longer too – and without that all too common ‘crash’ as the effects where off.

bulletproof coffee review

While writing, did you know that taking coconut oil can help with weight loss too, so if you want to boost your energy and lose some weight, its a win win situation. 

It contains something called ketones, these are effective at helping you burn more fat, they also help the brain cells step up a gear and work far more effectively.

“Remember coffee on its own has some great health benefits.” 

It contains Essential ‘B’ Vitamins, Potassium and manganese. 

It is also packed with anti-oxidants that help heal the damage caused by everyday toxins called free radicals (these can damage brain cells, reducing their effect and overall cognitive function).

Adding the butter and coconut oil into the mix, really boosts the effects.

drinking bulletproof coffee

The Taste

Bulletproof coffee tastes like a creamy, rich latte with a hint of a nutty taste.

Sure for some it might not taste quite ‘right’, but if you can get used to the taste, you will thank me for introducing it into your lives.


There are it has to be said, no clinical studies on bulletproof coffee.

There is no evidence to say its bad for you, and there is none that proves its effectiveness.. 

I suggest that you try it for yourself and see how you get on with it. 

Personally I think you will get to love it. The energy boost it provides is quick to take hold and it lasts for hours!.

You might be thinking about the possibility of any side effects. 

Well this is an all natural drink, and as such is very unlikely to cause you any health problems or side effects. 

If you have a real intolerance to stimulants, then perhaps its not for you. ( But I would say that you should avoid any product that contains caffeine if this is the case.)

If you can drink decent coffee without any issues, you will be fine with this magic potion.

Scottish Pop Star K T Tunstall has recently announced that she is a fan and now takes bulletproof coffee daily to boost here energy levels, both mentally and physically.

How To make Bulletproof Coffee

  • Brew 1 cup (8-12 oz) of filtered coffee ( use filtered water if possible for maximum purity)
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted grass fed butter
  • Mix in a blender for 20-30 seconds
  • Drink and get ready for the energy hit!

What Is The Best Time To Drink BPC

For best results and to take advantage of the energy hit, I suggest that you drink it within an hour of waking.  I prefer the morning because its when I personally tend to be at my most creative. 

But in truth, there is no ‘right’ time to take it

I would however recommend that you DO NOT drink it after 3pm as it could cause problems sleeping. 

My Ultimate Nootropic Combo For maximum Results

BPC is a great mental energy booster, but If you don’t mind me making a suggestion, I would take this along with a good natural nootropic like Mind Lab Pro. 

mind lab pro nootropic reviews

Its one of the best daily nootropic supplements out there for boosting cognitive function, memory and focus.

Its really well formulated, and whats more it doesn’t contain any caffeine itself. 

This is really important because you do not want to be over doing the stimulants on daily basis.

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research into nootropics and my personal experiences with certain products. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.