What Are The Best Nootropics For Women

What Are The Best Nootropics For Women

There is no doubting the fact that a female brain differs from that of a man. They contain different brain chemicals that produce different effects and results to men. 

Because of this, certain nootropics can offer some varying benefits and support for women helping to boost their female thinking and general cognitive demands.

nootropics for women

Nootropic supplements in general can offer some amazing benefits, regardless of sex, they can help boost brain health, memory, learning, focus and concentration, They can also help boost moods, creativity and the reactions to stressful situations.

In this article I look not just what makes the female brain different and the effects and benefits that specifically benefit women.

What Makes Womens Brains Unique?

Women’s brains are completely different from mens in many ways, they tend to be a lot more sympathetic and find it easier to feel more empathetic than men. 

They also have certain higher levels of certain hormones such as progesterone and estrogen that increase their reactions to stress along with other health issues.

But thats just the basics – lets go in a little deeper…..

Women have overall far greater mood fluctuations than men. A fact proved in clinical studies. These fluctuations are often caused by stress. Changes in certain hormones could be attributed to these changes and mood swings, especially Estrogen which can vary through the regular monthly cycle.

Women with PMS can experience greater feelings of stress and negative emotions especially when going through menstruation. Its recognised that women with PMS and the like may try to find ways to reduce their symptoms at a this time of the month in particular.

difference of female brains

Women Tend To Be More Susceptible To Both Emotional and Physical Stress

Clinical research has shown that women report greater feelings of stress than men. This has been directly proven to lead to the onset of other cognitive problems along with other health issues.

One classic example is the onset of panic attacks during the start of the menopause, this although not a direct symptom of the menopause, they can be caused by the fluctuation of certain female hormones.

Studies have also shown that when anybody is under stress for an extended period of time,, it can cause mood imbalances, reduced focus and concentration, along with an increase risk of infection and also (in severe cases) heart problems.

With this knowledge, we now understand just how important it is to reduce the effects of both emotional and physical stress. There are some nootropics that are particularly good at reducing stress levels and its effect on the female brain.

Women Are More Disposed To Anxiety Related Issues.

nootropics for women

The Anxiety and Depression Assoxiation of the US tells us that based on their research,research, m it is women who are more lily to develop feelings of anxiety than men. They are also more likey to develop poor or ‘blue’ moods. This is no doubt due to the higher levels of hormones such as Estrogen and Progesterone in their body when compared to men. 

Women are socially more pre-disposed to believe that worrying must be avoided at all costs, which in turn starts a hard to break circle where they worry about being worried. 

In other words, their social predisposition to try to worry less, may ultimately make them worry more than they should, bringing on feelings of stress and anxiety.

The Menopause May Be Linked To Brain Fog

menopause hormone changes


Experts all agree that a women who is going through the perimenopause (early onset of the menopause) or the full menopause will feel more anxious. 

This is a normal reaction to the normal fluctuation of the afore mentioned hormones as their production rate decreases through the onset of the menopause.

The Menopause has been shown to cause some women to suffer from memory loss and clouded thoughts (aka brain fog) as they progress through this change in their lives. 

They can start too forget simple things, e.g where they left their glasses, losing their keys etc. These are all too common instances so often experienced by women at this stage in their lives.

It has been shown that Estrogen helps maintain cognition in younger and middle aged women, but its effects on this front reduces dramatically when they reach menopausal age.

As such a regular nootropic supplement could offer some impressive benefits in women experiencing hormonal changes in their body, helping to boost mental clarity and overall cognitive effects.

The Best Nootropics For Women

nootropics for women

There are hundreds of natural ingredients out there, sadly only a relative small number of them have any solid clinical evidence behind them that prove their effectiveness and cognitive benefits.

Here are some of the best nootropics for helping to regulate stress, anxiety and mood changes.

Cognizin® Citicoline 

Citicoline is the best source of choline that you can buy anywhere, it is proven to help boost brain energy levels, brain regeneration, neurotransmitter status and much more. 

The Citicoline provided by Cognizin® has science backed studies that clearly show its specific effects on women. 

One study of 60 women aged between 40-60 confirmed its unique ability to boost their attentional performance


Found in Green tea, L-Theanine is excellent at boosting moods and reducing stress. It helps to increase alpha waves in the female brain. 

These waves are associated with feelings of relaxation, mental clarity, creativity and enhanced moods. 

In simple terms, L-Theanine can help ease feelings of anxiety more prevalent in women due to hormone changes.

L-Theanine is a must have all natural nootropic for women that can calm and relax them by anteing their brain waves

Rhodiola Rosea

Proved to reduce the brains immediate sensitivity to stress, taken long term it works to change the way the brain reacts to stress in the future. 

It works by altering both the HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) and the Sympathoadenal-system (SAS). These systems regulate the bodies responses to stress.

Long term use can change the way the HPA axis reacts to stress, reducing its effects on the female body and brain

As such Rhodiola is an essential daily nootropic for women who are experiencing hormonal changes, stress or anxiety on a daily basis.

brain fog

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT)

Proven to help reduce stress and boost both memory and mental clarity, NALT is one of  (I would say) the most essential nootropics that you should take. 

Women who lead fast paced, stressful lives can often burn though their catecholamine neurotransmitters really quickly. 

What NALT does is to reduce the effects of stress in these crucial brain chemicals.

Stress is known to reduce brain power, while NALT is know for its ability to enhance it.

The more stressful the circumstances that you find yourself in, the greater its effects.

Lions Mane Mushroom

Proven in clinical trials to have anxiety reducing effects, it is also seen to help re-balance moods. It works by releasing increased levels of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain and nervous system. 

This helps the hippocampus increase its responses to learning new facts. NGF decline is linked to ageing, and so boosting it by supplementation is an excellent way to support cognition, memory and responses to stress.

One key study which was carried out on female test subjects reported that taking daily supplements of Lions Mane saw improved mood balance and other cognitive improvements.

Bacopa Monnieri

A herbal extract that optimises cognitive processes including memory and learning ability, It does this by providing active bacosides, another key benefit is its ability to help reduce the effects on moods caused by stress.

Its thought that Bacopa might be more efficient than other therapies because it has the ability to calm the mind and at the same time enhance cognitive functions… Many similar treatments suppress cognitive ability when calming the mind.

Bacopa is particularly suited to students who are feeling stressed over their studies, and women who are struggling with memory etc during both the perimenopause and full menopause

And Finally:

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine is recognised for its ability to build new cell membranes throughout the body, it is found in the largest quantities in the brain, and is best known for its ability to boost memory problems caused by the ageing process. It works by reducing certain biochemical changes ion the brain that reduce nerve cells due to getting older. 

The direct results is that PS is excellent for women who are getting that little bit older and who are experiencing brain fog or mild memory problems.

My Recommendation – The Best Nootropic For Women

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Without any doubt in my mind, the 11 part formula in Mind Lab Pro contains all (and more) of the female friendly nootropics listed above.

Mind Lab Pro will lend a helping hand where others might not be able to, it will help calm and sorts the mind, reducing the effects of stress, calming anxiety and also helping to boost memory, focus , concentration and creativity.

Made in an FDA approved facility, its vegan friendly, and soy free. 

Its Non-GMO formula is perfectly clean with no binders or fillers, it’s perfectly suited to women and their unique cognitive needs.

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