Alpha ZXT Brain Booster Review

Alpha ZXT Brain Booster Review

How Good Is Alpha ZXT Brain Booster?

Alpha ZXT Brain Booster is a naturally formulated nootropic supplement that promises to give its users improved cognitive function, increased clarity and intensified focus….With the manufacturers calling it “the #1 Rated Natural Smart Pill” it has a lot to live up to…

The makers tell me that it will deliverAlpha-ZXT

  • Mental Clarity
  • Intense Focus
  • Cognitive Precision

The official manufacturers site tells us that as we age, we slowly lose our mental focus and ability to concentrate.. by the time each 70 years old, in some cases, this loss can amount to up around 60% of our mental ability…

Alpha ZXT Brain Booster claims that it can hep redress that balance with its all natural blend of nootropic compounds..

The Formula In Alpha ZXT Brain Booster

This is where it gets difficult…. the manufacturers actually choose not to disclose whats in the formula… from other independent sources, we have discovered that it contains a phosphatidylserine complex… now this has actually shown some benefits in clinical trials, so the initial signs are good.. the issue is that I do not know how much of this proven compound is in the mix.. again, the makers prefer to keep this information to themselves….

Without knowing how much of any ingredient is in the mix.. I have no idea if there is enough for it to have any effect – so the jury is most decidedly out on this one..

Discover More About Phosphatidylserine

Directions For Use

Another essential bit of information not made clear by the makers.. but with 60 capsules in each bottle, we assume its two capsules per day..

Users Feedback

Independent reviews are rather scarce, we did find a small number of mixed reviews… some users felt that it helped them regain some focus, while others failed to see any benefits whatsoever

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been none reported ( that we could find)

Where To Buy Alpha ZXT Brain Booster

You can order direct from the official website.. a months supply will cost you around $50.00 and there are some reduced offers if you buy 3 or 5 bottles ( $38 and $30 each respectively)

Cash Back Guarantees?

They do offer a 60 day cash back guarantee… but the problem is ( that we could find) is that that they do not clearly advertise any address or contact details so you apparently have nowhere to send anything back too… This information might come through if you place an order, but it looks somewhat suspicious to us..

My Thoughts

On the face of it, Alpha ZXT Brain Booster does contain a proven nootropic ingredient in phosphatidylserine, the trouble is that they give no indication of the quantities per dose, or if the capsules also include anything else… AND THEY EXPECT US TO PUT THESE INTO OUR BODY? No Chance…..

Could be good, but we may never ever know…we prefer manufacturers who are open and honest about their products…and I cannot (in my opinion) say this about Alpha ZXT Brain Booster

I Strongly Suggest That You Look Elswehere

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