Procera AVH Review 

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2015)

Procera AVH – The Key To Peak Mental Performance?

Looking for peak mental performance? Procera AVH claims to hold the key.

This nootropic says it is a ‘breakthrough’ supplement that works to support 61yKuRkvIqL._SY355_strong mental performance, improved concentration and mental edge and even a positive attitude – all thanks to a scientifically researched, safe-to-use formula.

Procera AVH works by oxygenating brain cells to refresh the mind, protecting the brain’s cells against toxins, stress and damaging free radicals and restoring neurotransmitters for improved sharpness of mind. The end result for you? Better mental performance every day, lower stress levels and improved confidence.

But enough of the manufacturer’s claims – let’s see what real life users think…

What’s in Procera AVH’s Formula?

While boasting an all-natural formula and unique proprietary blend, Procera AVH doesn’t disclose its formula in any depth.. crammed together in a proprietary blend totalling 1515mg, we do know that the product contains unspecified amounts of:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Vipocentine
  • Huperzine A.

Procera_Avh__60_Tablets__by_Keyview_Labs_Inc__at_the_Vitamin_ShoppeDirections for Use

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules every four hours with eight ounces of water, and consuming 30 minutes before mental activity. Procera AVH should be taken regularly for sustained results.

User Feedback

There’s compelling feedback on both sides of the fence when it comes to Procera AVH.

There are a number of avid fans of this nootropic – impressive improvements in focus and memory are both reported by many users, as is the supplement’s ability to overcome ‘brain fog’, boost focus at work and even improve energy and moods. The nootropic is widely praised for bringing users an overall sense of wellbeing and mental clarity.

Many people, however, question the product’s effectiveness, and say they have seen no results in cognitive functioning, memory or focus from using Procera AVH.

In fact, many go as far as saying that the product is a scam – and a very expensive one at that. 

sample reviews courtesy of amazon


Side Effects

A number of reviews also raise some alarm bells concerning negative side effects when using this product. Dizziness, high blood pressure, headaches, hair loss and stomach irritation are also mentioned by unhappy users, who warn others not to touch the product.

Where to Buy Procera AVH

You can buy this nootropic from, where it costs $49.95 for 60 capsules. it is also available for less at Vitamin Shoppe , currently it costs around $39.00

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There doesn’t appear to be a cash back guarantee offered with this product.

My Thoughts

There is nothing in this product that excites me…. sure it does contain some proven ingredients, but quite simply the makers do not tell me exactly how much of anything is in the mix.. which gives me no clear indication of any potential benefits that could be gained by using this product… looking at the reviews it seems that it works for some but not for others,…. the reported side effects are a concern and the fact that there has been litigation against the manufacturers is a very black mark indeed.

I Say Look Elsewhere – Give this one a wide berth..

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