Performance Lab® MIND Review

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2021)

Performance Lab® MIND Review [Updated 2021]

“Enhance Yourself”  Thats the phrase coined by the reputable supplement manufacturers Performance Lab®.

Their product range is a complete group of supplements that covers virtually all aspects of our bodily health:

Sleep, Sight, Muscle Growth, Weight Loss , Sports Nutrition and Brain Health and Performance.

performance lab mind reviews

Today I am looking at their natural Brain Boosting nootropic called Performance Lab® MIND.

Formulated to be an all round cognitive booster, it also helps provide mental recovery after periods of stress, and provides full brain health support.

Performance Lab® MIND is an advanced brain supplement. It helps to boost cognitive functions including focus, motivation and thought processing speed.

Coupled with that, it also helps support the regeneration of brain cells, improving memory and learning ability while at the same time helping to provide long term health of your brain.

Optimises Brain Performance

Performance Lab® MIND was developed to help boost complete brain performance, even while working under stressful conditions:

It boosts blood flow throughout the brain, helping to increase oxygen flow and the supply of micronutrients to the brain cells.

It helps to repair and regenerate brain cells, protecting them from the effects of every day toxins, also supporting the cognitive function, enhancing memory and learning.

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Whats In The Formula Of Performance Lab® MIND

The makers have actually been very clever, they have kept the formula simple in that it just contain 4 ingredients.  There are no worthless filler ingredients in the mix.

Each and every one is clinically tried and tested to provide a boost to cognitive functions.

performance mind lab MIND ingredients

Each and every serving contains:

  • Citicoline Cognizin® 250mg

One of the best ingredients at boosting energy provided to brain cells, boosting blood flow and the supply of micronutrients throughout the brain. Improves mental energy, attention, learning and memory.

  • Phosphatiidylserine (Sharp-PS Green) 100mg

Proven to protect, repair and renew damaged brain cells, also restricts the release of the stress hormone Cortisol.

  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) 300mg

Helps to redress the effects of mental stress, allowing you to work and think clearly under stress. Encourages the release of key brain chemicals including Norepinephrine, Dopamine and Epinehrine

NALT is the most enhanced form of L-Tyrosine, it is very well tolerated and is absorbed easily into the body. Experts agree that its the best form for use in Nootropic supplements.

  • Maritime Pine Park Extract 75mg

Helps to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body. This helps to dilate the blood vessels, allowing an increased amount of blood to flow throughout the brain, feeding and nurturing the brain cells.

The extract used in MIND is standardised to provide 95% proantocyanidin antioxidants to the brain. This is the most powerful pine bark extract available in the world.

Vegetarian Friendly

The capsules used in MIND are Plantcaps, there are no animal products used, which makes MIND completely suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

How To Take Performance Lab® MIND

The suggested daily serving is just 1 capsule per day – you can increase this to 2 capsules as required.

What Do Users Say About Performance Lab® MIND

There are many user testimonials from users of MIND. 

People that we spoke to all reported great improvements in memory, recall and concentration. 

The one thing that they all agreed in is that it was easier to think and work under stressful conditions.

Any Side Effects

There have been no reports of any side effects when taking Performance Lab® MIND

performance lab MIND bottle and capsules

Where Can You Buy Performance Lab® MIND

MIND can be bought online from the official manufacturers website (

A months supply will cost $ 50.00

You can save money when buying 2 or more bottles:

Buy 2 bottles for $95

Buy 3 for $135

Does Performance Lab® MIND Come With A Cash Back Guarantee

The makers provide a 30 day cash back guarantee on all orders. If you buy and try MIND and after taking as directed for 30 days and find that it does not work for you, you can return for a full refund (less shipping charges).

Final Thoughts

Its 100% clear that Performance Lab ® have done their homework when developing MIND. 

They have kept it simple but made it really efficient by choosing 4 of the most studied and clinically proven nootropic ingredients out there.

There is no doubt that however simply formulated MIND is, it is a product that will deliver some great brain boosting results. 

Its side effect free, whats more it stacks really well with all the products in the Performance Lab range.

All in all, if you want a safe, 100% effective, natural nootropic, you could do far worse than choose Performance Lab® Mind.

“Its a real winner in my opinion.”

You Can Read More And Order Performance Lab MIND from the Official Website – Click Here

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