Performance Lab Energy Review

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Performance Lab® Energy Review

By Paul Gardner

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If you have ever experienced the feeling of being mentally exhausted after a busy day at school, college or work then Performance Lab® Energy could be just what you are looking for.

To coin an old phrase, if you have lost your ‘get up and go’ this could be the answer to your prayers – After all, motivation and energy generally go hand in hand.

When you feel full of beans and energised, this normally helps you to focus and concentrate better, think more clearly and get more done each day.

“When you feel mentally and physically fatigued you simply cannot perform at your best”.

In the brain, mental tiredness can be caused by a number of things, a reduction in certain neurotransmitters (acetylcoline is one example) can cause a reduction in memory, attention, reaction times and even your mood. 

Other causes of mental fatigue can include a lack of something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is the main energy source that feeds the mitochondria in the brain.

Reduced levels of ATP can even be precursor to some neurological diseases.

If your body and your brain does not get enough of the right nutrients to feed and nurture crucial cells, you will find that both your physical and mental capabilities will be dramatically reduced.

The right mix of nootropic ingredients can help boost both physical and mental fatigue, helping you to power through and get the most from your day – whatever you are doing.

What I Look For In An Energy Boosting Stack

The most common thing that many of us do when feeling tired is to go out and grab a coffee. 

The caffeine found in a strong cup of coffee tends to give us that energy boost that we feel we need. 

This is actually a misleading belief. The fact is that caffeine does not actually give us a true energy boost, what it actually does is reduce our feeling of sleepiness.

I will try and explain:

Caffeine is known to be an adenosine antagonist. Adenosine is naturally increased during the day as a natural by-product of the energy produced in the mitochondria by ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

As it builds in our body, it triggers our brain to signal the body to start shutting down for the day – what caffeine does is delay this signal and along with it, the need for sleep.

To get a true energy boost we need to do more than simply delay our natural urge to sleep.

We need to take on board useful nutrients that will actually increase our natural energy levels, and a supplement such as Performance Lab® Energy could be the answer.

To be successful at boosting energy levels, a supplement has to be able to:

  • Boost the energy production of ATP in the mitochondria
  • Avoid any stimulants
  • Provide clean energy without the all too common crash linked to stimulants
  • Optimise the use of nutrients from our food
  • Increase the number of Mitochondria in our cells
  • Be 100% natural, safe and legal

Until now its been hard to find a natural energy boosting supplement that didn’t rely on stimulants like caffeine to give what we always believed was an energy boost. 

But now we know that caffeine basically tricks us into feeling energised, we now know to avoid it for that purpose.

I have always taken plenty of supplements, but I have recently been looking at ways to reduce the number of pills I actually take each day and still perform at my best. 

One of my favourite nootropic supplements is Mind Lab Pro, made by UK based Opti Nutra, I have been taking it for about 3 years as part of my daily supplement regime, its an amazing nootropic that has definitely helped me retain my concentration, memory, focus and creativity.

Performance Lab®

performance lab energy reviews

I trust the company and their range of supplements without question and this is why I was so excited when I discovered that they had released Performance Lab® – a range of scientifically developed supplements that cover all aspects of bodily health. 

With products to help boost your mind, sight, and sleep alongside multivitamins designed for both men and women. 

Their range also includes sport supplements including an effective testosterone booster, pre and post workouts and a great fat burner. 

I was especially pleased to see a purpose developed energy booster rather aptly called Performance Lab® Energy.

Performance Lab® Energy has been developed to help enhance the mitochondria and boost cellular energy throughout your brain and body. What it does is to encourage the body to use the fat found both in your food and any fat stores as its main source of fuel. 

What this does is provide a powerful and clean source of energy with no unpleasant crash as the effects wear down.

As a direct result you will experience peak performance at both work and play, your brain operating at optimum levels.

Whats In Performance Lab® Energy

The formula is a clever mix of essential nutrients: 

Coenzyme Q10 100mg (Micriactive® q10)


Coenzyme is a fat soluble vitamin essential for the transfer and energy flow between cells. Found in the mitochondria it forms part of the electron transport chain which generates energy in the form of ATP. 

As it oxidises, CoQ10 accepts electrons from another molecule in the chain which turns it into Ubiquinol. 

When in this form CoQ10 works to remove toxins ( free radicals) from the mitochondria, this protects both the mitochondria and the brain cells from oxidative damage.

It’s quite usual for the ageing process, environmental stress as well as some medical drugs ( statins for example) to reduce the levels of CoQ10 in our body. 

As this reduction takes hold it can lead to reduced memory, brain fog, reduced thinking and even migraines.

Taking CoQ10 supplements has been shown to reduce the decline in the function of the mitochondria.

Normal CoQ10 has limited bioavailability, which means that its hard to break down in the body to process it effectively. Its natural cells are too large to absorb and its also fat soluble which makes it difficult to be transported around the digestive system.

The form of CoQ10 in Performance Lab® Energy has been developed specially to ease its absorption and bioavailability. 

Studies have shown that the Microactive Q10® form used in Performance Lab Energy is far more bioavailable and therefore more effective than many others forms on the market.

PQQ 10mg (BioPQQ®)


PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) is crucial to the life of your brain cells, it has the ability to help produce new mitochondria as well as boosting the function of existing mitochondria.

As I explained earlier, Mitochondria have crucial role to play on the concerto of the foods that we eat into the energy that allow us to perform at our peak. 

The brain has more mitochondria than any other part of the body, and in simple terms, the more mitochondria we have, the greater our energy levels which results in more physical energy, faster thinking, better memory, improved alertness and far less mental fatigue.

PQQ is also known  to help boost the growth of Neurons in the brain, it increases the production of nerve growth factor which helps to maintain brain cellular repair, upkeep and cellular regeneration

It is also a powerful antioxidant, by reducing the effects of everyday toxins it helps the brain cells perform at their peak.

PQQ works hand in hand with Coenzyme Q10 to provide dramatic increases in both physical and metal energy levels.

The BioPQQ® found in Performance Lab Energy is the most bioavailable and science backed for of PQQ available anywhere.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine 750mg (ALCAR)


ALCAR is an essential amino acid that is critical for muscle energy function and metabolism. It helps regulate metabolism within our cells including muscle tissue.

Long chain fatty acids cannot cross mitochondrial membranes without ALCAR. 

It helps transport them into the mitochondria where they are needed for the production of energy.

This fueling process provides both mental and physical energy to the body and the brain.

ALCAR works in several ways, it takes fatty acids into the mitochondria, providing the fuel that is burnt for energy, it then takes the by-products back out of the mitochondria taking any oxidants and toxic waste with it.

ALCAR helps provide an acetyl group to help form something called Acetyl CoA, this is required for the synthesis of acetylcholine which is used to boost memory, the fluidity of thought and alertness.. 

Studies in Italy also found that ALCAR helps stimulate the development of new neurites, these help increase the effectiveness of signalling between cells in the central nervous system.

Another key study followed just over 1200 test subjects, the group given ALCAR suppementation all reported improved mental performance, attention span, memory and cognitive functions.

ALCAR has also been shown to help reduce fatigue in sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It also helps to reduce oxidative stress – another hazard to the effectiveness of our mitochondria.

Performance Lab® Energy uses the more bioavailable form Acetyl-L-Carnitine because regular L-Cranitinbe is not easily absorped.

R-Lipoic Acid 150mg (Bio-enhanced® Na-RALA)

R-lipoic acid

R-Lipoic Acid is a form of lipoid acid that is naturally found in the body, it is a cofactor for mitochondrial enzyme’s that are involved in the energy production process.

R-Lipoic Acid raises the production of acetylcholine by increasing glucose uptake and the activation if choline acetyltransferase. 

This process provides more Acetyl-CoA for the production of acetylcholine.

R-Lipoic acid is both fat and water soluble which allows it to work both outside and within the bodies cells. 

It helps to regenerate other antioxidants (including CoQ10, Vitamin C and E, and Glutathione) to enable them to work over and over again.

It is really efficient at what it does, it increases energy in our cells, at the same time it reduces cellular inflammation and clears away harmful toxins.

It has other benefits too, it increase insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of diabetes. It also helps to reduce the risk of metabolic disease which can lead to weight gain and cardiovascular diseases.

The R-Lipoic Acid in Performance lab ® Energy is Bio-enhanced® Na-RALA – this is the sodium salt form which has been processed to remove all impurities. It has been proven to have greater level of absorption than all other forms of alpha-lipoid acid.

Piperine 2.5mg ( BioPerine®)


Piperine is an alkaloid taken from the piper negrum ( AKA black pepper, its primary benefit is that it helps to speed and increase the absorption of the key ingredients Performance Lab Energy.

It works by inhibiting P-glycoprotein along with the major drug metabolising enzyme called CYP3A4 which are active in the liver.

It also works as an anti-depressant through its MAOI effects (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor). Clinical trials have shown that Piperine is equally as efficient as the drug based antidepressant Prozac®.

Piperine can also help protect against oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals, it has also anti tumour and anti-mutagenic capabilities.

The piperine in Performance Lab energy uses the patented form Bioperine® 

This is a highly purified form of black pepper extract that is standardised to no less than 95% pure piperine.

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The Capsules Themselves ( Plantcaps®)

Even the capsules themselves are rather unique in this product. Most capsules out there are either made from bovine based gelatin which is made from melted down hoofs, bones and certain connective tissue to make a gel which is cooled and dried before being formed into capsules. 

Even most vegetarian capsules are made from pine or poplar tree pulp which when melted down forms a plastic type product.

Performance Lab ® Energy uses Plantcaps®. 

They are made from a compound called pullulan which is a form of fermented tapioca. 

This is a more expensive way to make capsules, but they are far safer and vegan friendly – they disintegrate immediately on swallowing.

The capsules in Energy are also infused with a prebiotic compound that helps support digestion.

There are not many manufacturers who go that extra mile and use plantcaps, but Opti Nutra use them in all of their products ( another reason why I like Mind Lab Pro too).

Taking Performance Lab® Energy

The general advice is to take 2 capsules per day, the makers do tell us that you can double the dose during periods of real fatigue to 4 per day ( 2 morning and 2 early afternoon)

performance lab energy capsules

Performance Lab® Energy Results.

The carefully developed formula in Energy should help make some noticeable changes to how you feel, your wakefulness and both your physical and mental energy levels.

Users of the product all report good things with a noticeable boost in energy, with clearer thinking more stamina and overall improved clarity. 

They love its clean formula and the fact that it does not cause any side effect or those unpleasant ‘crashes’ so commonly associated with caffeine based products.

The most common remark is that users find that their memory is so much better, along with their attention to detail and their moods.

But thats not all, if you are a man who is taking Performance Lab ® Energy you could well see an improvement in erection strength (a benefit of taking ALCAR)

Performance Lab ® Energy Cost Comparison

performance lab website

Many people, myself included used to buy separate ingredients and put them together to make a nootropic or energy boosting stack.

I used to spend over $75 per month buying the ingredients in Energy separately.

Now I have discovered Performance Lab ® Energy I can save myself over $25 per month.

With a bottle containing a months supply selling for $50 its a no brainer. 

Whats more I am safe in the knowledge that I am not risking my health by mixing different ingredients together along with any filler ingredients that might be hidden in the capsules.

Buying direct from the performance lab® website, you can save money by buying two or more bottles ( save 5% when buy 2, save 10% when buying 3)

Opti Nutra also offer a full 30 day cash back guarantee with all orders.

To Sum Up Performance Lab® Energy

Most ‘energy boosters’ on the market rely on the unreliable effects of caffeine and similar stimulants. 

These do not boost energy levels as claimed what they do is to think you have more energy by reducing those sleepy feelings.

Ultimately, they also end the day by causing that unpleasant ‘crash’ as the effects wear off.

Performance Lab® Energy delivers a clean and effective source of energy with no crash at the end of the day. 

It boosts energy naturally by boosting the mitochondria, helping to provide more fuel to the body’s cells.

Looking At the Pro’s and Cons of the product, these are my thoughts:


  • The formula is fully disclosed
  • No stimulants
  • No fillers
  • No banned substances
  • Plant based capsules – suitable for vegans
  • Tested for purity, potency and activity
  • Affordable
  • Cash back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Only available to buy online

I can only think of one downside to taking Performance lab® energy. 

From my own experiences, it really works to boost that tired mind and body without any of the nastiness associated with some stimulant based so called ‘energy boosters’.

Whats more it stacks really well with their compete range of supplements – 

To find out more about Performance Lab® Energy and in fact their entire range of products click here go to

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