Nootropics FAQ

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2020)

Nootropics FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions About Nootropics

Commonly referred to as ‘smart pills, smart drugs or brain pills’, nootropics are pills that help boost overall brain health, providing improved memory, concentration, mood, motivation and focus….


They can also help control conditions such as ADHD, and even potentially Alzheimer’s…. Being very heavily researched and studied… these products are considered very safe to take..

They fall into two groups.. the drug based prescription types and the natural nootropic supplements that are available OTC without prescription…

Here are some common questions that I frequently get asked about Nootropics along with their answers…

What Are The Different Types Of Nootropics?

They fall into 2 groups, the natural based supplements and the prescription drug based types :


This is a collective name for a larger group of drugs that include Piracetam, Aniracetam, levltioracetam, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam, noopept, phenylpiracetam and nefiracetam..

In Europe it is Piracetam that is commonly prescribed as a cognitive enhancer, in the treatment of those with impaired cognitive function – possibly after an illness or other causes

In the USA there is currently only one Racetam approved for medical use.. that is levetiracetam ( which is often used under the name Keppra) and is used to treat convulsions often caused by epilepsy.

This does however have some safety concerns of its own unlike many of the other racetams.

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Eugeroic Stimulants

(Eugeroic (from Greek roots for “good arousal”) – Traditional/conventional stimulant medications that include Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts), Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) and Ritalin (methylphenidate, a compound structurally related to amphetamine),

There are similar products that include Modafinil, Armodafinil and Adrafinil that do not cause the euphoria and possible addiction that can be linked to adderall and its siblings


Known to help boost the production and effects of acetylcholine – an essential neurotransmitter that controls and assists memory and learning..

Popular Cholinergics include Alpha-GPC, Choline and Citicoline

Lecithin is often linked to this group, but it does not directly increase acetycholine itself, instead it contains a substance called phosphatidylserine which is a cholinergic precusor.

Natural Vitamins And Nootropic Supplements

Many nootropic experts agree that you can enjoy similar (and potentially even better) results by taking naturally formulated nootropic supplements..

A good natural nootropic uses clinically proven vitamins, minerals and other herbal extracts that work to boost brain function as well as overall brain health… they are generally side effect free, and can be taken without prescription, or any risk.

How Do Nootropics Work?

brain fog

Its a very in-depth subject that I have covered in a separate article, but in a nut shell, most nootropics help to improve the blood flow though the brain.

They also remove naturally occurring toxins that restrict the day to day function of the brain cells and the way that information is transmitted through the neurons.

It’s not the best comparison but think of your brain like a car engine…. if you do not change the oil, it gradually becomes sludged up and does not work as efficiently….

The anti oxidants in modern nootropics remove the toxins ( aka the sludge) that slows the brains thought processes..

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What Is Best Prescription Dugs Or Natural Nootropics?

For many people natural supplements are without a doubt the way to go, they provide excellent results in most users… are virtually 100% side effect free (unlike many drug based treatments) and do not require any prescription or doctors supervision to take….

There however some people especially those with severe cognitive problems ( e.g ADHD, ADD) that might be better treated with medical drugs, – If in doubt check with your doctor..

Are Natural Nootropic Supplements Safe?

Generally speaking yes… they are one of the most studied groups of supplements and with a few VERY RARE exceptions have not been shown to cause any nasty side effects.

Should I Take A Mix Of Nootropic Ingredients?

Taking different ingredients ( known as stacking) is a good idea as it brings different ingredients with different actions together… But I suggest that instead of buying 4, 6 or even 10 separate ingredients, that you choose a well rounded, clinically approved supplement that contains a mix of all the essential nootropic compounds –

(Check out my recommended nootropic supplements here)

If I Stop Taking Nootropics, Will I Lose My Brain Power?

In time your brain function will gradually go back to the level where it was before you started taking the supplement….It does not mean that you will forget everything you learned while taking them.. just that your memory and recall might not be as instant..

Is There Really Such As A Thing As The “Limitless’ Pill?

If you have seen the film ‘Limitless’ with Bradley Cooper you will probably have wondered if there really is a pill that can give you limitless memory, concentration and focus…..

Many supplement manufacturers use this comparison with the film to market their product… DO NOT BE FOOLED…many are a complete waste of time and money…..2015-08-29 11.20.35

There are a few products that do provide some good results – Mind Lab Pro and Noocube come to mind.. I have tried both and can confirm that they really do help improve all areas of memory and overall cognitive function

Both are cleverly formulated with scientifically backed ingredients and both are readily available to buy online.

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The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research into nootropics and my personal experiences with certain products. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.