Neurogum Review

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

Neurogum Review

Can You Chew Your Way To Boosted Brain Power?

Updated 2018 – Neurogum was released in Sept 2015, and I have to say it is a rather ‘novel’ nootropic supplement… coming in the form of a chewing gum, it promises to help reduce stress,, enhance focus and increase energy..

The makers have used an unusual way of developing and launching their product.. advertising for Infographic-forwebsite_0a66372f-0bf5-476b-91d7-915d435dade2_gifinvestors on line, promising rewards when the product comes to fruition…. currently after receiving just over $13000 in donations their first batch is under manufacture and will be released this month…. with further group funding, they hope to introduce more flavors..

It contains a ‘patented’ mix of B Vitamins, Caffeine and L-Theanine that claims to give you ‘the edge’ without causing any crash or the jitters…

The Formula In Neurogum

Each serving contains:

  • Caffeine 40mg
  • L-Theanine 60mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 30% of daily value – unknown amounts per serving.
  • Vitamin B12 – 100% of daily value  – unknown amounts per serving.

Directions For Use

There are no distinct instructions on the official website as to when to take, or how often you can use each day..

Users Feedback

There are very few independent reviews available aside from the couple on the official website.. as more become available, I will post more information here.

I did uncover a report from John J Foxe – The Director of Research at the New York based Albert Einstein College of Medicine –

The claims are overblown,” he says. Foxe authored a paper published in The Journal of Nutrition that was cited on NeuroGum’s website as evidence of the scientific basis for the gum. “We did a series of studies on L-theanine and found incredibly modest effects,” says Foxe. “We were explicitly studying attention, and we would get these very mild improvements in performance for L-theanine used in much higher doses than in this gum. I don’t doubt that caffeine and L-theanine interact. They probably do, but we are talking about incredibly modest effects at much higher doses. And [the finding] is not something that’s been replicated widely. “

So Far The Jury Is Out On This One..

Reported Side Effects

So far, none have been reported

Where To Buy Neurogum

Currently available from the official website and also Amazon – prices seem to average at about $35 for a pack containing 12 packs of 9 gums

Cash Back Guarantees?

There doesn’t seem to be any cash back guarantee offered

My Thoughts

Its a great concept, but looking at the nuts and bolt of this gum, it ( certainly from my opinion) doesn’t hold too much promise as a full blown nootropic…. it could provide you with a short term caffeine boost similar to that you experience after an expresso coffee, but apart from that I truly don’t think that it will offer you many nootropic benefits…. It contains essential B Vitamins, but I do not actually know how much of each is in per serving…. L-Theanine is a proven brain boosting supplement, but theres not really enough of it in the mix for it to have much effect (my top rated nootropic supplement has over twice the amount per serving).

As for the caffeine content… all it can really offer you is a mild hit, which could perk up your focus for a short period of time..

The makers claim that it is a ‘patented’ blend, which obviously leads me to think that its usual or special but I have been unable to find any registered patents that confirm their claims…

“Maybe I am being hard on Neurogum, and it will be interesting to see some more reports once the product gets out in the marketplace…. I will be looking out for more developments”

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