Neuro XR Nootropic Review 

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2019)

Does Neuro XR Nootropic Really Work?


One nootropic product that I have kept coming across on line and in the media is one called Neuro XR.

neuro xr review

It is a nootropic supplement designed with (and I quote) “a special formula” to boost your brains performance quickly.

The makers claim that you will start to see results within a few minutes of taking the supplement, with noticeable improvements in concentration power, thinking and learning facts and figures.

They also claim that their product helps to recover from both short term and long term memory loss.

They go as far as saying that it is the best memory pill ever realised, its perfect for students and workplace professionals alike.

Its all too easy for manufacturers to make claims like that without being able to back them up, so I decided to have a closer look.

The Formula In Neuro XR

The makers do disclose the names of the ingredients in their formula, but fail to go the whole nine yards by preferring to keep the amounts of each ingredient in each serving to themselves.

Each serving contains unknown amounts of:

Folic Acid – Promotes health synthesis of amino acids, nucleic acids and cellular division. It also feeds and nourishes the brain.

L-Glutamine – Used in medicines that help to treat cases of depression, insomnia, moods swings and anxiety. It has also been shown to improve mental performance and boost immunity

Vitamin B12 – Boosts brain function and its ongoing development. helps to protect and repair brain cells and the brain nerve sheaths.

Taurin – Mimics the effects of certain neurotransmitters that drive chemicals throughout your brain

Caffeine – Thought to reduce tiredness and increase energy levels. Has unproven nootropic abilities

Bacopa Monnieri – Proven nootropic properties and recognised for its ability to boost brain health

Ginkgo Biloba – Recognised for its ability to improve memory, clarity, mental stamina, cognitive function and overall intelligence

Claimed Neuro XR Benefits

  • May improve learning and memory functions
  • Free from known side effects
  • Could help you think faster and more clearly
  • Boosts mental energy levels
  • Might Improve creativity

Possible disadvantages of Neuro XR

  • Only available online
  • Full information on ingredients missing – likely to be weakly formulated
  • Unproven claims 

How To Take Neuro XR

The daily dose is 2 capsules per day. Take with breakfast along with a large glass of water to help speed absorption and its effects.

Where To Buy Neuro XR

You can buy NeuroXR direct from the official website. 

Expect to pay in the region of $69.97 plus shipping. I understand that shipping can take up to 7 days depending on where you live.

You can also take advantage of a 14 day free trial – sign up and you will receive a free 14 day supply. After the 14 days if you have not cancelled you will be billed for and sent a regular 30 day supply each and every month going forward.

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

I could find no evidence of any guarantee being available

My Final Thoughts

All talk no substance – there is nothing earth shattering about Neuro XR in any shape or form, the fact that the makers prefer to hide the full details of the formula from their prospective customers doesn’t fill me with much confidence either. 

Sure there are a few recognised nootropic ingredients in the mix, one thing I do not like however  is the fact that this maker (like many others) uses caffeine in the formula, this basically works to trick the user into thinking its working. 

They feel its effects and believe that its the supplement getting to work – IT ISN’T!

What caffeine basically does is to provide a fast, noticeable (and usually very short lived) energy boost that generally ends in an unpleasant ‘crash’. I

It has no proven nootropic benefits whatsoever and I for one would strongly recommend that you avoid any nootropic supplement that contains caffeine. – Certainly do not take it every day

It also has no cash back guarantee either which really says more about the makers desire for customer satisfaction than anything else – They obviously DO NOT CARE

The claims that Neuro XR is a top class nootropic supplement are misleading…

Its nowhere as good as any of my top rated products, both in formula, and results.

One To Avoid I Am Afraid To Say…..

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