Mind Lab Pro Natural Academics Scholarship

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

Mind Lab Pro Natural Academics Scholarship

The makers of top selling natural nootropic Mind Lab Pro are launching the worlds first Natural Academics Scholarship… applicants are now being invited to apply for two prizes of $2500 each.




The scholarships have been created to encourage students to perform their studies without taking chemical based stimulant drugs to enhance their mental performances.

Academic Steroids

These types of medical drugs are usually prescribed by doctors to treat certain medical brain problems, largely those associated with attention problems….. The ever growing issue in colleges and universities across the world is the unlicensed use of prescription drugs to increase their attention, and learning ability.. commonly referred to as ‘academic steroids’, many of these drugs have real potential for dependancy and abuse.. some also run the risk of both short and long term side effects and health risks.

Mind Lab Pro’s scholarship has been launched to educate and bring awareness about the risks and potential dangers of prescription drugs, and also to promote safe, natural methods of boosting brain performance..

In order to apply students are asked to write an essay on topics including how brainpower affects their academic life, their stance and ethical belief in drugs used to enhance studies, and how and why they have made a conscious decision to veto the use of these prescription type drug based products and instead use natural methods of maintaining their focus, concentration and learning ability.

Director Of Opti-Nutra – (the manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro) Mr David Wright told us:

“Here at Mind Lab Pro we encourage natural academics to level the playing field in terms of student ranking and to help support the future brain health of students everywhere,It is our hope that this scholarship will give two students some well-deserved financial assistance, but will also encourage dialogue about what we feel is a fast-growing threat to both student health and academic integrity.”

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Conditions Of The Scholarship Are As Follows:

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA or better. The scholarship is open to incoming freshman, undergraduate or graduate students. Student entrants must be enrolled in a college or university by the Fall 2017 semester. Deadline for the first Natural Academics Scholarship essay contest is July 1, 2017

To Apply, eligible students can get full details and an application form from www.mindlabpro.com/scholarship

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