Is Ginseng An Effective Nootropic

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Ginseng – Natures Memory Booster?

Ginseng is a popular natural health giving supplement with many documented uses…common to North Americ and parts of Asia, Ginseng is a collective name for a group of similar plants or herbs with similar makeups and properties.. The most common types being Panax Ginseng and Red Asian Ginseng.Screen-Shot-2014-08-06-at-4.21.21-PM

Ginseng has been proven to help boost moods, mental performance, and boost overall brain health..

Many studies have been carried out that look in to the effects and benefits that adding ginseng to your daily supplementation.. it is thought to work well with Vinpocetine and Gingko Biloba to help maximise its cognitive effects.

The Effects and Uses Of Ginseng

There are several active ingredients found in ginseng extracts.. these ate know as ginsenosides.. the way that they actually work are quite complex in that these extracts form chain of command that instruct various glands to secrete hormones that help the control and function of our bodily processes… in some glands it will act as a stimulant, in others it will act as a depressant..

1 group of these Ginosides is called Rb1…. they contain certain steroid molecules that can help increase energy, alertness and endurance ( both physical and mental).. Rb1 is also effective at boosting the maintenance of your neurons and helping to reduce the chance of age related memory decline… there was a study published in the Journal Of Psychopharmacy that found that supplementing with ginseng helped to improve the patients performances in complex mental tasks.

Check Out One Study Here –

4145898809_90a589eec3_zOverall Ginseng is considered to be a whole body health booster… its a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the damage to internal cells caused by everyday toxins ( free radicals)…It can also help control type 2 diabetes as well as helping to control weight loss…

It can also help athletes perform at a higher level and help to reduce stress.

Safe Doses

Ginseng is really effective when used as a long term supplement… experts suggest that an initial load period of around 500 and 1000mg per day, usually for a week to 10 days then at that point, it can be reduced…. there is no pre-set dose or recommendations available, in fact many users just experiment to find a dose that suits them.. If you take too much, it will usually simply pass through the body with no ill-effect..

Ginseng Side Effects

Ginseng is normally well tolerated by most users… it can however when taken at large doses sometimes be a cause of side effects that include :Headaches, insomnia, stomach upsets, increased blood pressure as well as rashes… experts tell us that if you do experience any of these problems, to reduce or stop taking the supplement all together..


Ginseng is a great all round body tonic… it has some documented nootropic uses, that do seem to be improved when taken alongside Vinpocetine and Gingko biloba…. although it’s not the most powerful nootropic ingredient that we have ever examined, it’s certainly one to consider for its all round health benefits..

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