Is D-ripose An Effective Nootropic

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Is D-ripose An Effective Nootropic

Can D-ripose Really Boost Focus?

I have seen a fair bit of discussion on social media asking wether a compound called D-ripose is an effective nootropic ingredient or not… having to honestly declare that It was a new one to me, I have taken a good look into it, and here are my findings:640px-D-Ribose

What Is D-ripose

D-ripose is a naturally occurring pentose sugar, produced in the body…It is one of the key building blocks of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the body’s main source of cellular energy.

The Effects Of D-ripose

There is quite bit of talk online about D-ripose, and how it helps to improve recovery, especially after periods of exertion.. take exercise or body building for instance.. The higher levels of ATP in the body, the faster our cells recuperate, if for any reason there is a deficiency of ATP, the body can experience cellular fatigue, which could lead to both physical and mental tiredness.


There have been a few studies that looked into the effects of D-ripose…. one such study involved healthy male subjects who undertook cycling exercises twice a week…. For three days, three times a day, half the group were given a high dose of D-ripose at 200mg/kg of body weight, while the other half received a placebo… the group receiving the D-ripose saw faster and greater restoration of muscle ATP levels

Read Study Here –

It is also believed to be useful when taken by patients with various heart disorders, with supplementation with D-ripose helping to improve circulation and the hearts response to exercise.. again these doses were large at 15g per day ( 3 doses @ 5g)

It has also been shown to help improve sleep, energy and general well being in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia – but this particular study was funded and written directly by a company that produces D-ripose, so we have to view this one-off study with obvious caution…

Is D-ripose A viable Nootropic Ingredient

There is no doubt that the few studies I discovered show that high doses of D-ripose can help reverse cellular fatigue, especially after strenuous exercise… This could I guess help overcome mental tiredness too… but I have seen no evidence anywhere that adding it to your daily supplementation will have any true nootropic brain boosting effects whatsoever –

In my opinion, from what I have read and discovered, it will not improve focus or concentration….

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