Is Cod Liver Oil Really Good For Your Brain?

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Is Cod Liver Oil Really Good For Your Brain?

It’s been believed for many thousands of years (dating back to the ancient Greeks) that regular supplementing with Cod Liver Oil (CLO) helps to tackle the symptoms of ageing.

Millions of us take these capsules daily in the hope of warding off ailments such as rheumatism, gout, rickets and to help keep our brain sharp and active..

With over £60 million spent on the supplement each year in the UK alone it is reported that currently 25% of the population take Cod Liver Oil in some form or another..

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Recent Study

A recent combined study carried out at Harvard Medical School and National Institute Of Health in Maryland found that taking these kinds of supplements had no bearing or effect on our memory, thinking speed or concentration..

The study ran over 5 years involved 4000 people with an average age of 73 years…

They were split into two groups, with half taking Cod Liver Oil and the other half taking placebo..

Over the five year period it was found that both groups declined at the same rate, regardless of wether they took the supplement or not…

The Effects Of Fish Oil

Since the 1930’s scientists have praised the omega-3 type oils found in CLO along with the other polyunsaturated fatty acids for their ability to enhance intelligence and helping to guard against deterioration in people as they get older..

going back further to the 1800’s it was used a remedy for rheumatism, with users both swallowing to and rubbing it into their joints..

This practice dates back even further, when Viking fisherman did the same to relief aching joints..

After the second world war, it became a stable addition to millions of school children who were fed spoonfuls of it in the belief that it would help them grow up strong and healthy.

Cod Liver Oil As a Brain Booster


It was in the 1930’s that an America Doctor – Weston A Price claimed that his studied showed that the minerals in the oil benefited brain function..

More recently in the 1980’s children who were found to be deficient in Omage-3 acid sometimes suffered psychological disturbances..

These disappeared when they were given high doses of cod liver oil….

Scientists all agree that the Omega-3 acid in fish oils can offer some benefits in that it protects the health of the neutrons in the brain, which can help to improve communication between the brain cells…

As a direct result of this discovery, the media all started to report on the ‘brain boosting’ effects of cod liver oil…. once this news spread, the sales of cod liver oils rocketed..

As the myth about fish oils grew, supplement companies saw their sales grow as millions of adults bought the products believing that it would boost their grey matter and stop the ageing process..

However Scientific evidence disagrees… a study held in 2010 at the London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine followed 867 people for 2 years…

It concluded with the discovery that those who took fish oils didn’t perform mental tasks any better than those that didn’t..


There is no doubting that Cod Liver oil does offer some health benefits,

Studies do now confirm however that taking it in supplement form will not necessarily make you smarter, or help improve your memory or concentration.

There are however some other natural compounds that have been proven to boost cognitive function, memory and focus.

I have studied many of these in depth and information can be found in the side bar of this website…

Many of these ingredients are now present in natural nootropic supplements –

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