Improve Your Game With Nootropics

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2016)

Improve Your Game With Nootropics

How Increased Focus Can Help You Win

Whether you’re an avid gym goer, professional athlete or simply enjoy your weekly game with your local team, there’s one element you need to have at all times for guaranteed performance.Motivational-Quotes-For-Athletes-By-Running-Athletes

That’s right, we’re talking about focus – not only do high focus levels give you the drive to keep on going, they also help you sustain the self belief that’s essential to smashing fitness goals and of course the opposition.

Pre-workout supplements can be a great way to improve your sporting game in terms of energy, but when it comes to helping sustain focus throughout the game, there’s another powerful option available – nootropics.

The Brain Controls Everything

You might have heard about nootropics before – how they can help boost memory, learning and creativity – maybe you have seen the film Limitless where a little red pill gave Bradley Cooper amazing brain power , but you probably haven’t considered how they can have a radical effect on sporting performance. But when you think about it, it’s actually quite obvious…- the brain controls everything the body does, so if your brain is functioning in an optimal way, so will your body. And that’s exactly what nootropics are there for!

Nootropics help enhance a range of key neurological functions encompassing everything from memory and our ability to learn through to mood, focus levels and how we react to certain situations and emotional triggers. They work by crossing through the brain’s blood-brain barrier, before directly influencing how much of the brain’s important neurotransmitters are created.

81176016_XSEncouraging and preventing the production of these neurotransmitters can have impressive effects on our energy levels, intelligence, mood, clarity of though, alertness, focus and more.

The acetylcholine neurotransmitter is a prime example. While a big part of this neurotransmitter’s work is concerned with how well the brain retains facts and processes new information, it also plays a central role in the body’s functioning. Just some of the things the acetylcholine neurotransmitter can influence include reflexes, muscle control, balance and speed. Now that’s some real impact on the pitch!

Nootropics Reduce Stress

But that’s not all. Most of us have busy day-to-day lives and experience our fair share of stresses and strains, and exercise and fitness is usually the first thing to fall out of the window when our motivation levels inevitable stoop. This is another area where nootropics can turn things around – by targeting the brain’s GABA transmitter, responsible for controlling anxiety levels, nootropics can tackle stress levels head-on,

What’s more, if you have a busy work or family life, chances are stress can impact your desire to exercise and play sports – especially when it comes to motivation levels. After all, who doesn’t want to crash out on the couch after a busy day?

Nootropics really come into their own here – by targeting the GABA transmitter (which control’s the brain’s anxiety levels), nootropics can do a top job of reducing stress levels, making you feel more prepared than ever to work out.

There’s another important thing to mention here, too: nootropics can do a great job shutterstock152853110of blocking out external distractions – a big roadblock to optimal performance when it comes to competitive team sports.

Nootropics can also be a powerful weapon when it comes to overcoming the frustrating plateaus that we all inevitable experience from time to time, giving you the mental edge to keep on at it

Do you need any more convincing? Add a nootropic to your pre-game routine today!

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