How To Succeed At Your New Year Resolutions

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2020)

How To Succeed At Your New Year Resolutions

Can You Succeed With Your Resolutions?

New year resolutions,. there are very few of us who have not, at some time or another, made one…. give up alcohol or smoking, lose weight, get fit, learn a new skill – you name it, most of us have promised ourselves to make a change of some sort at the start of the new year

Are You One Of The 8%?

Did you know that statistically, only 8% of people actually succeed in keeping to their resolutions, that means for every thousand people, 920 of them fail!

That is an amazing and concerning statistic, but why do just so many people fail to keep to their promises and goals?

For most it’s losing their focus on their goals, allowing everyday distractions, stresses and basically life in general to get in the way, effectively taking their mind off their goal and ruining their hopes and aspirations quite often before the new year has really got started.

How Can I Keep Myself Focussed?

Well the key is having and keeping a positive and focussed form of mind, know what you want to do, and despite whatever life throws at you keep your eye on your goal..

Some of us find keeping focussed very difficult, if you are one of these, here are 4 tips to help you retain your focus and achieve your wishes..

Train Your Mind 

In todays fast paced world, we are all really used to multitasking – thinking about 2, 3 or even more things at once, the fact is that we have all basically trained our brain to be unfocussed, and because of that distractions become a habit thats hard to break.

“We have all basically trained our brain to be unfocussed,”

Try and practice turning off all distractions and committing some time to just one task. Start small, say just 10 minutes at a time, and then extend the time gradually…. If you find your mind wandering, commit straight back to the task in hand, its like getting fit, you need to train the brain as you would a muscle for it to be focussed

Allocate Your Time

Studies have shown that the average person is only truly focused for between 6 and 10 hours per week.. and these are the times that you will mentally perform at your best ability, some are able to focus best in the morning, others the afternoon or even at night – find out the time of day that you find that you focus or concentrate the best and try to complete all your hard or important tasks during that period

Do The Hardest Or Most Creative Tasks First

If you have a busy day ahead, its all too easy to start with the smaller, more unimportant tasks first and ‘work up’ to the bigger, more difficult tasks, but this drains your mental energy and reserves before you even start the main tasks, in order to be able to focus more, effectively reverse the order and start with (and complete) the harder tasks first, and then move onto the easier, more simpler stuff, later in the day

Choose A Good Natural Nootropic Supplement

The development of natural nootropic supplements have made a huge difference to the way many top business executives, medical professionals, sportspeople, the military and students perform.

They are naturally formulated supplements packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the general functioning of the brain, they help boost blood flow, the transmission of oxygen throughout the brain and reduce the effects of everyday toxins on our brain cells and neurons, this allows for the smoother and faster processing of thoughts, increasing both memory and learning, along with reaction times, creativity and most importantly – Focus.

There are hundreds of nootropic supplements out there all claiming to help do this, so the crucial thing is to know which of the many ingredients found in these supplements work, and the ones that don’t…

Now I appreciate that this is not easy to find out and this is why I have carried out some intensive research over the past few years on your behalf… I have studied nootropic ingredients, reading countless clinical studies and have personally reviewed many of the popular (and some not so popular) nootropic products out there, and from my in-depth research have compiled my personal list of the natural nootropic supplements that I truly believe are the most effective.

Boost your focus and concentration, and following through with those new year resolutions will be a piece of cake!!

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