How To Increase Your Willpower By 20% In 12 Weeks

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2016)

How To Increase Your Willpower By 20% In 12 Weeks

How Weight Training Can Help Boost Your Resolve

We are all aware that regular exercising is good for you, and that using weights in your weekly training regime is good for the mind, body and soul..

Regular weight training sessions can help maintain a healthy bodyweight, reducebrain-weight-lifting-abidal-123rf-stock-photo body fat, increase bone density, reduce anxiety, boost our immune function and increase hormones crucial to both our appetite and sleep.

Scientists in Brazil have demonstrated that 12 weeks of strength training can also increase the most crucial of our mental reserves… Our Resolve or WILLPOWER..

The studies test subjects performed resistance training three times a week, all subjects showed increases in strength and muscle mass, but it was their capacity for mental endurance that was most noticeable…. when compared to their pre-training tests, their cognitive functions, including their ability to deal with frustrating mental tasks was noticeably higher..

“Adding a Few Kilos To The Bar, Can Take a Weight Off Your Mind…”

The scientists are still not 100% sure why exercising with weights helps to boost mental strength, but nevertheless, it is proven to do just that…

This New Year…

If you find that after the up and coming Christmas and New year celebrations, that your new year resolutions start to slip by mid January… Take around 60-70% of your one rep max weight and perform 3 sets of 10…. do it at least 3 times a week

It will help strengthen the foundations that will help make your 2017 goals and dreams achievable..

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