How To Get That Promotion At Work

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2017)

How To Get That Promotion At Work

Advice And Tips On How To Get That Promotion

There is an up and coming vacancy for a more senior position at work, and you want that job… But what can you do if you really want that promotion, and it’s not a foregone conclusion, possibly there may be other applicants, or the company might even want to advertise outside for a new member of staff.

Heres Some Ideas That Could Help

Before you put yourself forward for the promotion, (and you must ask! – do not assume that your manager knows that you are interested) you need to make sure that you are doing all the right things to help you win that position.

Make Sure That You Do A Great Job

The manner in which you perform your current job is massive factor when being considered for promotion, great performance reviews and a reputation as an above average employee will go a long way when the company is making promotion decisions

Be A Team Player

Always be available to help your bosses and fellow workers whenever you have the time, volunteer to help with new projects. You will get known as a real team player and someone that your work colleagues like to work with

Do Not Miss Work

Be on time for work and never, ever (unless you are genuinely unwell) take off more time that you are allocated.. If you come across as someone who will miss or avoid work on a whim, you will never be taken seriously

Get Noticed

Networking is the key here.. Do not avoid the office parties, or staff gatherings, get together with your colleagues and your bosses socially, get to know them personally, that way when the time for a promotion comes up, the more you will stand out.

Managers are 10 times more likely to promote someone they feel they know well more than someone who keeps himself (or herself) to themselves.

Educate And Train

If your company offers training courses, or other opportunities for personal development then take advantage of as many of these as you can. If you can keep your skills at top level, you will often set yourself apart from the rest.

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Ask For The Job

If you feel that you are the right person for the promotion, then make sure you ask your manager to consider you, they are not mind readers and may not even realise that you are interested , especially if there is a large choice of potential applicants.

Good Luck !!!

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