How To Get Mentally Prepared For A Competition

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2017)

How To Get Mentally Prepared For A Competition

Keeping Your Self Focussed While Training

I have been asked questions time and time again from athletes and bodybuilders enquiring just how they can keep themselves “in the zone’ mentally, retaining their focus and concentration when training hard for a sports event or competition..

In my opinion there are 4 ways in that you can keep yourself prepared both physically and probably more importantly – mentally in the run up to a competition….

In my opinion, the first 3 ways to retain that focus are:

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Mental

Audio stimuli basically consists of training partner encouragement, appreciative comments by others and your training music…

Visual Stimuli is made up from motivational posters, the training room mirrors, other athletes physiques and photographs documenting your own progress and results.

Mental Stimuli ( nobly the most powerful tool) consists of the overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you achieve certain goals.. the boost in confidence as your physique improves, along with the heady rush that accompanies a successful training session.


Even if you are making slow progress, the comments that you get from your training partner when you manage to shave half a second off of your lap time or manage to boost your bench press is a very powerful tool… it spurs you on to increase your times or the amount of weight you lift… Also positive comments from others, maybe someone telling you how they can see your arms are looking bigger or that you are looking more toned, will defeat spur you on to improve further.

Music plays a big part in positive training…. it can effect the mood and the speed of your workouts or training sessions.. chose uplifting, happy music that helps you through those gruelling exercise r trying sessions.. Music actually causes the braun to release endorphins in the brain that give you a mental pump, it blocks out the sense of fatigue and push you to workout harder..

The use of a training partner can really help you on those days that you really don’t want to be there.. its all to easy to slack of and just go through the motions, but with a partner watching your every move, you will keep focussed and get the best results from your training.


We are usually our one harshest critics…. therefore the use of photos documenting our progress (especially for bodybuilders) is amazing way of keeping track of our progress

We often do not see those small but crucial improvements, whereas the camera

doesn’t lie..And these small improvements combined gradually become larger ones..

This is where mirrors in the train room can be a great motivation help…we can see how our muscles look and move as we exercise…the mirrors will show our muscle definition clearly.

Motivational posters or stickers can also help to remind you just what you can achieve… looking around the gym or training room at others can also be an amazing source of inspiration.. that guy over there with the amazing abs, or massive biceps.. it gives you something to aspire to and to aim for…


Remember how it felt when you actually rode your bike for the best time without failing over? or when you swam the length of the pool for the first time.. these are massive milestones that trigger moments of great mental inspiration…

The best way to achieve mental goals is to set small targets, both short term and long term, when you achieve your short term goals, your long term goals then become your next short term goals and you then need to set new long term goals.. keep repeating this process will help keep you motivated and focussed..

When you workout or exercise, you tend too feel better about yourself… you are doing something that not everybody can or wants to do.. as your body shape or performance changes, you will feel even better about yourself

Working Out = Confidence, Confidence = Motivation, Motivation = More Working Out – the cycle continues…

There is a final way too:

Boost Your Brain

A lot has been written about the use of natural nootropics in both sport and big business… these natural supplements use clinically proven herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins to help boost the brains cognitive functions, and reduce the effects of oxidative stress on the brain cells…. by reducing the effects of this stress, the neurons in the brain along with the crucial blood vessels all work more efficiently..thoughts are processed quicker, memory is improved as is focus and concentration… overall, the use lot nootropics can definitely help give you the edge…

Many famous sportspeople, business executives, doctors and the military use nootropics to help keep them on top of their game….

Maybe its time you tried them too?

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