How To Be A Go-Getter

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2017)

How To Be A Go-Getter

What Is A Go-Getter, And How To Be One

I was at a seminar on social media recently and one question that came up from the floor to one of the guest speakers was “what do you look for when thinking of hiring someone”

The speaker responded immediately saying that he would always hire the go-getter – the person who has a clear history of starting something, giving it everything and finishing it…

His simple, to the point answer had me thinking.. being a go-getter is far more than someone who excels in the workplace… it can have a profound bearing on all aspects of your life – relationships, fitness, personal happiness as well as work… it is always the ‘go-getters who will succeed in life..

So How Do I become A Go-Getter ?

It’s a great question and one that I will try and answer here in a few simple easy to follow points:

They Dream and Aspire

There is nothing wrong with dreaming and aspiring to better things, making and achieving goals is a meaningless task if you are not enjoying the journey. As long as you are enjoying the journey, these goals and dreams guide us through life, helping us to get the best from it.

They Turn Up Every Day

Even when feeling slightly unwell, a go-getter is dedicated to his or her work, while many of us will often take the cheeky day off just for a slight sore throat for instance, Go-getters are disciplined, they put in the hours (even if its just a couple) to help them get that little bit closer to their goals and ambitions.

They Enjoy The Successes 

Go-Getters do not simply focus on the end of the journey and the magical celebration that they have planned for the completion of their task or plans, they enjoy and celebrate the small victories, as you complete each part of your plan, give yourself a small pat on the back and enjoy even the smallest achievement.

They Love What They Do

Be passionate about what you do, be excited about your work and nurture it – even the smallest task.

They Have Support

Go-getters tend to surround themselves with like minded people, they choose their friends wisely and seek out relationships that are mutually encouraging.

They Are Courageous

Go-Getters have no time for being timing or scared of doing something, yes they feel fear like all of us, but they temper that with a determination to succeed. Even though they might get a few knocks along the way.

They Are Dedicated

Go-getters do not know the word “quit”… even on days when the world seems totally against them and things aren’t going well, they get down, roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. A real go-getter knowns how to respond when most people would simply give up

They Learn From Mistakes

If you don’t fail, you never learn, a go-getter looks at small mistakes and failures as lessons. They welcome and learn from every one

They Are Focussed

Most go-getters will not stop until they have achieved their goals, they remain focussed, not letting any distractions take their eye off their final target.

The Natural  Secret To Keeping Focussed

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A natural nootropic supplement is in my opinion an essential tool in your quest to becoming a go-getter…

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