Geniux Nootropic Review

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

Geniux Nootropic Review

A Relatively New Nootropic, But Does Geniux Really Deliver On Its Promises?

geniux nootropic reviews

Geniux is a reasonably new to the market natural nootropic supplement that promises to deliver improved brain performance, focus, memory and overall cognitive function.


The makers claim that their fast acting, all natural formula will help to quickly improve brain function, reaction times, memory and overall mental performance. They actually state that by taking Geniux, your life will be simpler, more interesting and overall, far easier.

To deliver on these claims, the makers tell us that they have developed a blend of 20, all natural ingredients with solid research behind them that are actually thought ( we quote) “to create intelligence”

The Formula In Geniux

This is where the claims quickly start to unravel, there is actually no information whatsoever on the official website regarding the formula. The makers skate over this by simply stating that there are 20 proven ingredients packed into a proprietary blend totalling 500mg. with no fillers.

From research, we did manage to discover however that the formula does contain Honey, Propolis, Bee Pollen, Caffeine, Eleuthero root and Tyrosine.

Of these few ingredients, the only one with any history or evidence relating to boosting brain function is Tyrosine. That said, we do not how much of it is contained in each serving, without this information, we simply have no idea if there is actually enough in each serving to have any effect.

Caffeine is of course a well know stimulant and is one that is found in numerous nootropic supplements, it helps to reduce fatigue and can provide a short lived energy boost to the brain and body. That said, its also well known to cause a noticeable drop in energy as the effects wear off.

All in all squeezing 20 ingredients into a tiny 500mg proprietary blend means that there is very little of anything – just do the maths.

geniux ingredients

How To Take Geniux

The makers suggest taking just 1 capsule per day with water, you can take in the morning, or “whenever you feel you need it” They claim that you will feel the effects within a few minutes.

What Do Users Say?

There are very few verified user reviews out there, the majority do seem to be on amazon who actually have a reputation for using professional writers who prepare 5 star reviews in return for free or discounted products. We are not saying that this is the case with Geniux, its just something that cannot be overlooked.

The few verified reviews that we did find are all the same, with users claiming that the product did nothing for them, some going as far as claiming it to be a scam product.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon:

geniux reviews

Where To Buy Geniux

You can order Geniux direct from the manufacturers, its also available from amazon.

Price wise, you can expect to pay in the region of $39 per bottle (30 capsules.)

At time of looking amazon were out of stock with no set date where stock would be available again.

Should You be Trying Geniux? Our Final Thoughts

Getting straight to the point, we wouldn’t suggest that you go anywhere near this product.

The makers decision to effectively hide their formulation from their customers rings huge alarm bells, why on earth would you take something without knowing what is in it.. If you do you must be crazy, or with respect, – stupid..

There is no scientific evidence that confirms any of their claimed results, and aside from Tyrosine there is nothing else apparent in the mix that has any solid nootropic benefits.

Geniux might be marketed well, but as far as we are concerned, thats where it ends…

Do not waste your money on this one – there are so many other products out there that really do provide some great benefits – some of these can be found in our top rated nootropics page –

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