Alpha Lipoic Acid

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2019)

Can Alpha Lipoic Acid Really Boost My Memory?

We have found a few nootropic supplements that use an ingredient called Alpha Lipoid Acid.. to find out just how effective this is, we have taken an In depth look at this compound to determine if its one that you should be taking..

What Is Alpha Lipoid Acid200px-Lipoic-acid-2D-skeletal

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a vitamin like chemical primarily found in foodstuffs like Liver, Kidney, Broccoli, Spinach and Potatoes… an effective antioxidant it is also made synthetically in laboratories for use in medicines..

Uses Of Alpha Lipoid Acid

Its primary uses include the treatment of diabetes along with any of the nerve problems, numbness, or burning in the limbs  associated with the condition… It can also be used to help treat chronic fatigue, heart and blood diseases and Lyme disease… There are some thoughts that it can help improve cases of memory loss, especially when caused by toxin damage.

Other uses include the treatment of eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and Wilson’s Disease ( caused by an excess of copper in your organs)

How Does It Work

Alpha Lipoid Acid works large as an effective antioxidant to help reduce and repair the cellular damage caused by free radicals (external toxins) it is thought that it can help boost the functions of the neurons in the brain – particularly in those patients suffering with diabetes..

Safe Doses

alpha-lipoic-acid-weight-lossThere are no official recommended doses for treating or helping with memory issues… the only suggested doses available are between 600mg and 1200mg per day to treat muscular problems in suffers of type 2 diabetes

Side Effects Of Alpha Lipoid Acid

Although generally safe for most users, oral supplementation can in some cases cause rashes in around the mouth…. It can also lower blood sugar levels

You should also avoid drinking too much alcohol while taking supplements containing Alpha Lipoid Acid as it can cause a reduction in Thiamine (VitaminB1) Levels – if these levels drop too much it cause health problems..

Can Alpha Lipoid Acid Really Help Boost Memory

The facts are that the jury is most decidedly out on this question… there are thoughts that its antioxidant effect can benefit those with memory loss, but the scientific facts are that there is insufficient evidence available to prove or disprove these notions…

More studies are certainly needed to confirm its effectiveness….

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