7 Easy Ways To Ace That Interview

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2016)

7 Easy Ways To Ace That Interview

Remember – First Impressions Count

It doesn’t matter whether you are school, or college leaver or you have been in the workplace a long time.. at some point in your working career you will have to go through that most dreaded process – The Job Interview….

Anybody who has been through the process will know just how daunting this can be,1452512631145 and this is why its important to be aware and up to date with the protocols and accepted practices into days hectic world..

You need to able to set your self apart from the rest, you will almost certainly be up against others who have the same (and possibly a greater) level of experience and qualifications than you, so in order to be the one that stands out you NEED to be prepared.. you need to be able to communicate and have interesting and relevant questions, answers and any follow up information ready and to hand..

So instead of just turning up at the interview and seeing how it goes or ‘winging it’ try to get prepared and show the hiring company why YOU are the one for the job…

Here Are My 7 Top Tips For Getting That Dream Job…

(1) Clean Up Your Social media – Its more than likely that any prospective hirer will do their own research and check out any applicants on line…. make sure that your social media profiles are clean, decent and are free from any unacceptable language, photographs, propaganda, or infact anything that could be deemed as racist, or simply unacceptable in the work place.. another area is email addresses.. Try not to use one with slang or funny names.. stick to one with your own name its far more professional

(2)Look Good, and Feel Good – first impressions count and while appearance isn’t everything, you must make sure that you dress professionally and in a manner that suits the company or profession you are attempting to join… make sure that your hair is clean and tidy, clean your shoes, remove any items of jewellery (particularly facial piercings) that can and will often put certain companies off, and overall – look the part

(3)Arrive On Time – Being on time for an interview is essential… being late can put any hiring manager off before they have even met you, it gives an impression that you do not care enough, and of course spoils the first impression… Try and arrive around 15 minutes before your interview…. If you ARE running late for a genuine reason… make sure you call the company in good time and explain the circumstances, most will be understanding and it will help mitigate any bad feeling.. If it’s a large company, you may have to deal with or get through security, so allow ample time..

(4)Write Things Down And Ask Questions – Try and prepare up to 5 questions relevant to the company and the position… it demonstrates a keen interest… jot down any other questions if they arise during the interview… it always pays to hold one question back to ask at the end of the interview ( the person interviewing you will usually finish with “are there any more questions?”), it demonstrates keenness and your interest in the role and company and be sure of one thing – the hiring manger will take notice..

(5)Show Your Personality – It’s a stressful situation for sure, but try to let your personality shine through.. by expressing your self truthfully, hiring managers are able to learn much more about you in short period of time and it helps them to determine if you are a great fit with the rest of the team… Just do not go over the top – keep professional..

(6)Know Your CV Inside Out – Be able to talk about your previous positions, any work experiences… if you made a difference at a previous employer ( improved an administrative system such as payroll for instance) then talk freely about it, explain the changes you made and the effects it had.. be ready to talk about any part of your resume…

(7)Saying Thank you – It might sound silly but saying thanks at the end of an interview is often overlooked by many job applicants… added to that, try sending a thank you note or email to the company or the hiring manager.. it might sound a bit cheesy, but it looks professional…it will be noticed and usually goes a long way…

interview-jobNootropic Supplements Can Boost Your Chances..

It might seem strange to talk about a nootropic supplement in the same article as job interview skills, but take note… a good natural nootropic can help you be more alert, remember crucial facts about you and your previous work experience, it can also help you boost your memory and recall while you research the company that you are applying to work for…. the more you can learn and recall about your proposed employer, the better…..

There you go…. Try these at your next interview and see how far you get….. Good Luck!!

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