6 Ways To Reduce Anxiety

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2017)

6 Ways To Reduce Anxiety

We live in a hectic, often fast paced world….And these days it’s a normal part of our day to day living, but what this can bring with it is stress and anxiety…. now while a little bit of anxiety isn’t bad for us (after all it helps us plan ahead, get organised as well as helping us to calculate and deal with risks), if it is left to build without being controlled, unchecked anxiety can have a detrimental effect on our lives and possibly our health too

Don’t let anxiety take charge of your life….. Check out these 6 ways that you can tame your anxiety…..

Exercise Daily

Experts agree that daily exercise is one of the best ways to help reduce stress and anxiety, for most people it’s actually better than medication..It releases endorphins – the feel good hormones that help us feel and remain calm….

We are not talking about lengthy gym sessions either.. if thats you’re thing then thats great, but more simple things like a daily walk, a bike ride, a swim, yoga or pilates…can all help calm and control the effects of anxiety.. whats more, with the anxiety controlled, you will actually get more from your day.. wether it’s getting more work done at the office, or simply speeding through the housework and laundry, it’s amazing what a little bit of daily exercise can do for your mind and body.

Don’t Drink To Forget

Alcohol is a natural sedative.. sure it has  calming effect at first, but its effects are generally short lived and quite often the effects of the anxiety return tenfold… there is nothing wrong with an occasional drink, but drinking wine, spirits or beer daily to forget stress and anxiety is a recipe for disaster and can even lead to alcohol dependency

Cut Out Tobacco

Similar to drinking, reaching for the cigarettes can be a short term, quick fix for anxiety, however, research has shown that the earlier you start smoking in life the more likely you will develop an anxiety disorder…. that’s not forgetting the well documented health risks….

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Most of us like a coffee, and the little boost that it give us.. But research has shown that caffeine intake can (in some people) actually increase anxiety disorders, it has also been shown to increase panic attacks in those suffering with panic disorders…. Caffeine can also cause problems sleeping and restlessness…. Try a herbal or fruit tea instead……


It’s a fact that if you don’t sleep well, you run the risk of suffering more from stress and anxiety as well as other health issues…Make sleep an important part of your daily routine – try these tips if you have trouble sleeping:

  • Don’t go to bed until you are feeling tired
  • Don’t read or watch TV in bed – as it can over stimulate your brain
  • Leave the phone, tablet to laptop in another room
  • If you cant sleep – get up, make a warm drink and sit in anther room for a while
  • Don’t eat large meals or drink coffee or smoke just before going to bed
  • Keep your room cool and dark
  • Some people find that writing down any worries before getting into bed helps too

Eat Healthy

We all know the risks that eating processed foods brings, the intake of artificial flavourings, colours, and preservatives can disrupt some peoples moods.. High sugar levels can also impact temperament…If you find that you feel more anxious after eating, have close look at your diet… drink plenty of water, reduce (or even better cut out) processed foods, and eat more fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates, as well as lean protein rich foods.

In Addition To The Above….

Some natural nootropic supplements use ingredients that help reduce the effects of anxiety and stress…. a daily serving of a good stress busting nootropic can help you get more from your day, and more importantly, help you to feel better in yourself – both mentally and physically…

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