Trubrain Nootropic Review

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2016)

Trubrain Nootropic Review

There is No Doubting Its Effectiveness But Is It Really Worth Its High Price?

Trubrain is a natural nootropic product originally formulated by a panel of scientists with an interest in nootropics.. Its available both in pill form and a rather ( it has to13131 be said) unique daily drink.

It promises to provide users with a mental boost, helping them to complete difficult tasks when fatigued as well as enjoy improved memory, focus , and general cognitive function.

The Formula in Trubrain

The key ingredient is a member of the racetam family – Piracetam – a well established nootropic supplement in its own right that helps to boost learning, memory and sensory sensitivity

More about racetams

The other components in the various formula include:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – powerful anti oxidant
  • CDP Choline – supports Brain health and boosts cellular energy
  • DHA – Reduces inflammation and boosts cellular health
  • Magnesium – Relaxes the brain
  • Theanine – Known for it’s relaxing effects
  • Tyrosine – Stimulates dopamine production
  • Oxiracetam – another member of the racetam family
  • Caffeine – known stimulant

Directions For Use

drinks-newTru Brain Drinks

Packs contain a 30ml ‘shot’ that you simply squirt into the mouth once a day

the packs also contain a few ‘Boost’ shots…. simply take the second shot when additional focus or mental energy is required..

the makers do offer a caffeine free version alongside the traditional version

TruBrain Pills

You get packs of pills marked morning and afternoon – follow the instructions and take as directed.. the makers do not disclose how many pills are in each pack, but I understand from my research that there are 6 pills in the morning pack and 7 pills in the afternoon pack ( 13 per day).. there is also a ‘boost’ pack, to be taken when additional focus is required.

Users Feedback

Overall it has to be said that many users do report good things, with enhanced focuspackets-new and energy appearing to be the key benefits… some users do also report back that their dreams have become rather vivid – wether that is good thing or not remains to be seen…

There are some downsides however, the main complaint is the price – the pills cost $125 for 20 days supply which makes it one of, if not THE most expensive product of its type…

Reported Side Effects

There have been some reports of brain fog or grogginess being suffered by some users – especially in the morning, that aside racetams in general are known for their ability to cause headaches in some users.

Where To Buy TruBrain

You can buy directly from Trubrain’s official website…

The Pills: Sold either monthly or on subscription – one month will cost you $125…. you can pay quarterly and pay $112 monthly, or order a years supply at once and pay $80 per month

The Drink : one time purchase of 20 shots- $55 – or you can subscribe to a regular monthly delivery and pay $49 per month…. you also have the option to buy 30 ($70 one off or $65 per month) and 60 shots per month at $135 one off, or $125 per month for a monthly shipment

You can also order a trial pack for just $19 (10 shots) but this will automatically enrol you in a monthly billing autoship scheme unless you cancel promptly

Any Cash Back Guarantee

Despite the high cost, the makers do not offer any cash back guarantee which is a real let down, and (I think) demonstrates that the company cares more about profit that its customers

My Thoughts

There is no getting away from the fact that Trubrain is a pretty decent product that should provide some positive results for many users…….

For me however.. i do think that the number of pills you have to take each day, (13) is far too many and as for the cost – its way TOO expensive..

If i was going to personally choose one of these products, the pills are probably better a choice than the drink which as it contains 80mg caffeine could also cause some users to experience the jitters or shakes…( i guess you could choose the caffeine free version, but it will not deliver the “hit” that you would get with the regular version)

With the high price and the lack of any cash back guarantees, I actually cannot bring myself to recommend this product to you guys,….

it’s not badly formulated, but in my opinion, the ingredient profile could be better, and you can certainly get something just as, if not more effective than trubrain for half the price – and also with a cash back guarantee that affords you some protection and the chance to claim your money back if it doesn’t work for you..

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