The Smart Drug Made From Ants??

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Would You Eat Ants To Boost Your Memory?

A recent report on Newswire talks about a man called Gordon Cady who started eating 700mg of Polyrhachis Ants to help boost his memory and concentration…..

His reasons for doing this:

“Ants can lift 60 times their own body weight, drag 100 times their own bodyweight maxresdefaultand were a luxury once reserved only for Chinese Emperors”  Cady told us that these ants are packed with high levels of Ginseng, Zinc, Vitamin B and Protein.. all ingredients that can help boost memory, focus, coordination and spatial awareness..

Cady who actually markets and sell nootropics told us that the compounds found in the Ants can help to stimulate the production of certain neurotransmitters including Choline and Acetylcholine, which can help boost brain function..

The ultimate aim of this exercise is to market his new product which we understand will be called Regarind.. a natural based nootropic that will he said, harness the beneficial effects of eating these ants without the need to do so….

His claims about the nootropic effects of the Ants has raised a few eyebrows at the FDA, with them warning about manufacturers making unsubstantiated claims about their products effectiveness…Supplement manufacturers are legally obliged to evaluate the safety of their products as well as ensure that the labelling and claims satisfy the FDA and the DSHEA..

We will monitor the development of Regarind…. If and when it becomes available, we will post a full review on this website.

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