Huperzia Serrata

The Brain Boosting Benefits Of Huperzia Serrata

What Is Huperzia Serrata

Huperzia Serrata is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in Firmoss Huperzia Serrata – a moss type plant – a native of Asia.The Chinese have used it for centuries to help aid memory…

How Does Huperzia Serrata WorkHuperzia_selago

It helps to boost and improve our memory function by acting as a acetylcholinesterase inhibitor..

In order for our memory to be strong, we rely on three essential neurotransmitters – Dopamine, Seratonin and acetylcholine… acetylcholinesterase actually blocks the positive effects of acetylcholine – essentially stopping it from helping our brain to function at its peak…. Huperzia Serrata stops this blocking process.

Huperzia Serrata is also a NMDA receptor antagonist, helping to protect the brain cells from glutamate damage…. Clinical trials on rodents (the animal group closest clinically to humans) has shown that it helps to increase nerve growth.

Summary Of Its Benefits:

  • Antioxidant Brain Protector – Helps reduce the level of harmful toxins that cause oxidative stress ( a precursor to degraded brain cells and possible alzheimers
  • Neurotransmitter Booster – Promotes the production of acetylcholine – an essential neurotransmitter known for its ability to sharpen the mind, and improve mood
  • Clean Up Agent – Prevents certain toxins that degenerate cognitive function

Clinical Trials

Two trials are of note, both carried out in China, they both showed that Huperzia Serrata is effective at helping students boost memory as well as possibly helping those with alzheimers

Study 1- 

Study 2 –

Other Uses

Huperzia Serrata is also beneficial when used to treat blood disorders, swelling or inflammation, fever along with myasthenia graves ( a muscle disease)


Suggested Doses

Effective doses generally range at around 20-50mg, although some trials have actually used doses of 400mg with minimal side effects

Reported Side Effects

When taken at average doses, there are very few reported cases of side effects, those reported (when taking higher doses) have included, mild diarrhea, nausea, reduced appetite and occasionally a slowed heart rate..


Huperzia Serrata has proved itself as a worthy and potent brain boosting supplement, when choosing a nootropic supplement, try and make sure that whatever you buy, that it includes at least 20mg of Huperzia Serrata….

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