Nootropics And Sport

Nootropics And Sport

Whether you’re an elite athlete or just like to keep active with regular exercise, it can be tricky to maintain both the focus to keep on training hard and the self confidence to kick those challenging goals out of the park.

While you may already be taking advantage of a pre-workout supplement to supportistock_000005893466xsmall energy, athletic performance and recovery, an increasingly popular way to maintain the mental edge needed to see real, impressive results is with the use of nootropics.


Well think about it – if the brain controls everything our body does, then keeping it as healthy as possible will help ensure our body is as best placed as possible to hit physical bests.

By crossing the blood-brain barrier and directly influencing how many different neurotransmitters the brain creates, nootropics can have startling effects on a range of bodily and physical functions. It could be how alert and switched on we feel, our happiness levels, or how we react to sudden, stressful situations and pressure.

Take the acetylcholine neurotransmitter as an example. While in the brain this neurotransmitter works to help us retain facts and learn new information, it also plays a key role in the body, influencing a range of important physical factors like endurance levels, reflex speed, balance and muscle control. Think how important they are to any sport, and you’re well on your way to realising how powerful nootropics can be when it comes to sporting performance.

Boxer-man-concentratingThere are stacks of other ways the right nootropic can bring some edge to your athletic performance. Take motivation levels, something essential to maintaining any kind of sporting activity. Nootropics can give you the lift to defeat these plateaus – all while giving you that added mental edge needed to be on the ball, outsmart the competition and keep on going.

Give Yourself That Winning Edge

If you participate in sports at an elite level, nootropics have another big bonus – by targeting the stress-causing GABA transmitter, nootropics can help you sustain a positive mood and optimistic mindset, block out external distractions and reduce stress and anxiety – all essential to keeping your head in the game and defeating opponents in the competitive arena.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the more mental energy we have, the more our body is capable of conquering challenges… and we all know that nootropic are great at boosting that.

My thoughts? Looking after your body is undeniably a great start when it comes to maintaining high athletic performance, but maybe it’s time to look outside the box and get your brain in shape, too. You might just find yourself seriously impressed with the results…

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