7 Ways to Be More Productive

7 Ways to Be More Productive

It’s not always easy to maintain productivity throughout the day (not to mention week in, week out!), but staying productive regardless of what gets thrown at us is central to reaching goals and achieving real success.

Here Are My Top 7 Productivity Hacks:

Get The Basics Right

shutterstock_151960424Yes, I know everyone bangs on about it, but looking after yourself really is the first port of call if you want to be productive throughout the day.

This means making sure you achieve seven-eight hours of sleep a night, drinking plenty of water, getting your five a day, cutting out the heavy meals and carbs that can make you feel lethargic and, you guessed it, leaving aside 30 minutes each day to exercise. The energy and feel good factor this will give you will make all the difference..

Plan, Plan, Play!

Successful people don’t just get through stuff just like that – they plan ahead. This means documenting everything you need to do within a given amount of time, being as concrete about what needs to be done as possible. The key thing is to not let it scare you once everything you need to do is out there – simply schedule them into your day as realistically as possible, making sure you build some time in for you to relax and recharge.(Go for a walk, or grab a 20 minute power nap – it works wonders)


But it’s not just about planning – being productive is about working out what’s most important and getting on with it. Chances are it’ll be fewer items than you think – and if something’s not getting done after weeks, it’s obviously not that important. One thing’s for sure – treating everything as equally important will make it nigh on impossible to get things done.

Get Rid Of Distractionstumblr_nm2p42r1Vy1tcgm7no1_1280

This one’s a no brainer: if you want to be more productive, step away from your emails, Facebook, your smartphone, the TV and anything else that tends to zap your attention. Maybe even asking people not to disturb you for certain periods during the day will help charge productivity, too. Then it’s simply a case of getting down to it.

Take Things One Step At A Time

When you’ve got shedloads to get through, it can be tempting to get the ball rolling on everything all at once in order to make some serious headway. But multitasking isn’t all that it seems, as we can really only truly commit all our energy and brainpower to one task at a time – and once you switch over you lose all that momentum and focus.

Get Organised

This one’s pretty simple- if you’re not wasting time getting stuff together and working out what’s where, you can get on with things straight away. This can be everything from your car keys and phone to ensuring that your work space is clutter free and that everything is in the right place. Making sure everything is organised at the end of the day means that you can get going with no roadblocks the next day.

Take Your Brain To The Next Level

Top Nootropics

I have saved my ultimate productivity hack until last – Nootropics….. Also known as ‘smart or brain pills’ nootropics are the quickest and easiest way to guarantee ‘dawn to dusk’ productivity from by supercharging the brain.

This is because they cross the blood-brain barrier and work with the brain’s neurotransmitters to impact the way we react to the brain’s messages.They also help to reduce stress and the effects of everyday toxins (known as free radicals)..

This means a stack of benefits depending on the type of nootropic you’re using – including improved ability to learn, improved memory, clearer thoughts, better creativity and improved ability to focus and concentrate.

There’s nothing like a good natural nootropic to take your productivity to the next level – I suggest that you try them today.

I have reviewed many of the popular nootropic supplements out there… from my in-depth research I have listed those that I believe are the best around… All the products listed are recognised for their proven brain boosting ability, their scientifically developed formulas along with a manufacturers cash back guarantee should you not be happy with the results..

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