Studying With Nootropics

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2015)

Studying With Nootropics

How Nootropics Can Make Studying Much Easier

One of the most common uses for nootropic supplements it as an aid to studying, especially when revising in the run up to examinations or crucial tests… Students across the world rely on these to help keep them alert, boost focus and concentration as well as help reduce study related anxiety and stress.


You first need to decide on the areas that you feel you need help with.. for some its alertness, for others it’s remembering or recalling information, some simply need to concentrate more, and others would like to be able to improve their problem solving abilities or their creativity..

Keeping Alert

You are fast approaching your exam and you are really putting in the hours trying to learn and remember everything… for some it’s the fact that they left studying until the last moment, others might have two or there crucial exams right on top of each other.. The more time you spend studying, the less time you have for crucial sleep..

You could try a nootropic like Adderall, but this amphetamine type product can sometimes cause anxiety, it is also known to cause sudden and often huge ‘crashes’ – the last thing you need , they can also be quite addictive..

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Concentrate and Focus

120268678_student_375865cStaying focused can be difficult.. there are some nootropics that are thought to be especially good at helping with this.. Take modafinil for instance, originally developed to help children with ADHD, it can help improve focus, but it’s not available everywhere.. Australia for instance limits its use, and it is banned for use by children as it can cause a dangerous skin condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

A good natural nootropic will help boost concentration and focus

Remembering And Recalling

Studying for exams and tests involves memory consolidation… this is the transferring of short term memories into long term ones.. it is also about memory recall, enabling those long term memories to be retrieved as and when required..

Sleep is also crucial for memory recall, insufficient time spent asleep can drastically reduce your ability to recall facts and figures when you need to… Do not leave studying until the last minute, staying up all night will not help you to remember and recall information…

A good nootropic will help boost memory and recall.. it also helps to promote good nutritional sleep…

Reduce Stress

Staying calm and stress free is a crucial part of studying.. if you get stressed and panic, all those hard months spend at college will be wasted, your results will be poor and you could leave college or university emptyhanded..

A good natural nootropic will help boost the release of both Dopamine and Serotonin.. known as the ‘feel good hormones” they are responsible for our moods, sleep quality and general well being..

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