Smart Powder Oxiracetam Review

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Oxiracetam Review 

It’s Time To Get Your Brain Racing

Available in capsule or powder form, oxiracetam is the go-to nootropic for many people when it comes to boosting mental performance.

Oxiracetam does its thing by influencing the brain’s acetylcholine and cholinergic systems and AMPA and NDMA receptors, and scientific tests have illustrated that it can help support learning capacity, memory, attention span, spbottlefocus and sensory perception.

The best news is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to oxiracetam-based nootropics, with a huge range of manufacturers offering supplements that focus on this ingredient. Offerings by Powder City, Intellimeds, Nootropics, Elite Nootropics, Smarter Nootropics, Peak Nootropics are just some of the choices out there.

He I take a look at a popular variety of Oxiracetam nootropic, Smart Powders’ Oxiracetam Powder, to see how it performs when put to the test.

What’s in Smart Powders’s Oxiracetam Formula?

the Smart Powder website lists the ingredients per serving as 800mg Oxiracetam.

Directions for Use

Top_quality_Oxiracetam_powder.jpg_220x220One serving equals 800mg, although the manufacturer offers no further guidelines on how,  when or for how long this should be taken.

Users Feedback

Despite the lack of detailed information offered by the manufacturer on this product, there are some good reviews out there. Most users say that this is an excellent, top quality product that works well and enables them to power through every day with a strong mental edge. Improved motivation, sharpness of mind, ability to retain information and concentration are all cited by happy users, with numerous people saying this oxiracetam is ideal for periods of intense study. The fact that it offers strong focus without an overwhelming energy rush it also cited as a plus point, as is the taste and the price.

On the negative side, a small number of people claim to have experienced no results from using this product and others say they experienced a crash when taking this oxiracetam in higher quantities.

Where to Buy Smart Powders’s Oxiracetam

This nootropic can be purchased from, where it costs anything form between $26.99 and $49.99 for a 50g tub.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Smart Powders doesn’t offer returns on products that have been opened or used.

My Thoughts

Overall, products from the racetam genre do tend to deliver some pretty decent results….some users have complained that powder based nootropics have a rather sour taste and for this reason, I do personally prefer a pill based supplement.

I also prefer supplements that are more rounded in their formulation, rather that relying on just one main ingredient with just one main course of action… but that said.. you could do worse that choose this one….

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