Semax Review

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2015)

Semax Review

Just How Powerful Is This Russian Made Nootropic?

Semax is a Russian developed nootropic drug very similar in make up to Noopept Powder.. developed in the early 1980’s by Russian scientists at the Institute Of Molecular Genetics In Moscow it was initially developed to treat stroke patients who had suffered brain damage as a results for their illness..

It was subsequently claimed by the Russians that it can also help to promote cognitive buy-semax-234x300enhancement in healthy adults..

Semax has been classified as an essential drug in Russia… it is recommended for the treatment of strokes, and other head trauma….

How Does Semax Work

Semax works in a number of ways.. it modulates receptors in the limbic reticular complex… it also helps to activate certain receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system…. it also increases the metabolism or energy in the neurons.

Semax is also effective at repairing and restoring neurons damaged by inflammation.. Tests have shown that it has demonstrated excellent neuroprotective properties.. `it has been recorded to increase mRNA for nerve growth factor by 500% and Brain Derived Neurotropic Growth Factor by up to 800%.

Benefits Of Tasking Semax

Semax has some extensive reported benefits.. these can include increased memory function, alertness, learning and retention of facts…. It has a psychostimulant effect, that is described as reducing the effects of mental strain, and improving productiveness, helping patients to accomplish cognitive tasks quick and with increased ease..

It has been touted as an effective treatment for alzheimers and other similar cognitive diseases, however further studies are required before its true effects are recognised.


Issued in liquid form, Semax is usually taken into each nostril twice a day (2-3 sprays of the 0.1% strength). this works out at 50mcg per nostril, per spray.. the total does therefore is usually around 200mcg twice a day..

Some users only use the spray once per day and quite often it is recommended that users use for 14 days and then have a 14 day rest before repeating….. Strengths of 1.0% Semax are solely reserved for patients recovering from strokes and similar problems..

brain-stimulant-stack-300x300Side Effects

Side effects are (we understand from Russia) virtually non existent, it is also suitable for use alongside most other drugs with no known interactions…. It has a low toxicity profile for both the liver and the brain..

Where To Buy Semax

Distribtion of Semax is limited.. currently it is only really available in Eastern Europe and Russia.. it has NOT been approved by the FDA and most of the online health resellers do not stock….. You can sometimes obtain the product online from Russian based suppliers but it’s not uncommon for the  shipment to be seized at customs..


Despite its promise and what are glowing reports coming out of Russia.. the fact is that Semax has a very limited history as a nootropic treatment and remains largely untested in the West, also most government health agencies have not approved it for use… it does not mean that Semax doesn’t work, or that it is unsafe, just that more rigorous and longer term testing is needed before Semax becomes readily and legally available in the western world.

I Recommend That You Look Elsewhere For The Foreseeable Future…..

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