Phenibut HCL Review

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

Phenibut HCL Review 

Clear Your Headspace With Phenibut HCL

While most nootropics out there increase energy in order to support improved concentration and memory, phenibut works to counter a racing mind. So if you’re looking for a clear, calm headspace to get things done, this could be the phenibut-100grams_5supplement for you.

A derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA, phenibut passes through the blood-brain barrier to lower levels of stress and anxiety. What’s more, there are stacks of manufacturers offering their own take on phenibut – Nootropics, Bulk Powders, SNS, Mind Nutrition and Biovea, for example, all offer supplements harnessing the power of phenibut. Here we take a look at Liftmode’s phenibut powder offering, which promises to leave you peaceful and primed for anything.

What’s in Phenibut HCL’s Formula?

Available in both powder and capsule form..This nootropic contains 300mg of pure phenibut in each serving.

Directions for Use

The manufacturer recommends a dosage of between 300-600mg a day, depending on whether you’re using it on its own or to balance out the stimulating effe70_phenibut_capsules_fullcts of other nootropics.

Lower doses can be used earlier in the day to allay any anxiety or jitters caused by stimulants, while higher doses to fight fatigue may be useful later in the day.

You SHOULD NOT Take Phenibut for more than 2 days a week

Users Feedback

The Good

Feedback on the manufacturer’s website is hugely positive – many users (particularly those who are introverted) use this product before socializing and claim it has an incredibly strong impact on toning down anxiety and combating stress. Legions of users take Phenibut HCL to improve their sleep quality, and better, more positive moods and a feeling of freshness in the morning is also mentioned in user feedback.

The Bad

Others, however, claim that Phenibut HCL is too powerful and should only be used in extremely stressful situations, and others have experience inconsistent quality when repeatedly using this product.

Withdrawal symptoms including anxiety and depression are also mentioned by a number of users, who say that this nootropic should only be used intermittently for this reason.

Where to Buy Phenibut HCL

You can snap up this nootropic from LiftMode’s website – A tub containing 70 capsules will cost you $13.98 – its also available in powder form in various quantities and prices

There are other forms of Phenibut available from other manufacturers

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

There does not appear to be a cash back guarantee with Liftmode’s products

My Thoughts

Not for me this one... the powder has an extremely sour taste, even when mixed with juice, and the fact that its well known for causing some unwelcome withdrawal symptoms puts me off even further.. as for effectiveness, Phenibut as an ingredient is quite similar to Picamilon in that it is Gaba added to other phenyl group ingredients.. this is to help it cross from the blood into the brain…  where it can help induce calm, which can ( there is a lack of clinical proof) be effective on those are really stressed…

Phenibut May suit some – especially when taken before going to bed as it can really help aid sleep in some users… but beware, taking too much can cause unpleasant side effects, so go easy with this one…..

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