Now Foods Alpha GPC

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2015)

Now Foods Alpha GPC Capsules

All In One Capsule Formulated To Enhance Mood, Memory, Learning And Concentration

Alpha GPC by Now Foods is a dietary supplement specially designed to enhance learning potential, increase memory and help to improve mood and mental focus.

Whether you are young or old there are times in our lives where we lack the NOW-03085-3motivation and productivity to get things done, particularly when it comes to study and work.

As we age, our levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine begins to deplete. Acetylcholine is needed to control our cognitive processes, particulaly our memory, concentration, learning abilities and our mood. If our levels of acetylcholine deplete then we start to become less productive, forgetful, feel more lethargic and less positive.

Alpha GPC helps to restore our natural levels of choline in the brain and can provide the following benefits.

Alpha GPC Benefits

  • Increased Memory And Concentration
  • Greater Focus And Concentration Skills
  • More Positive Outlook 
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Learning Ability

How Does Alpha GPC Work?

Alpha GPC is derived from the micronutrient Choline, this is very closely related to the B-complex vitamin family and is found in various foods such as eggs, fish, chicken and spinach, although the amounts found in food are typically low which is why Alpha GPC supplement is essential for increasing our natural supply.

Now_Foods__Alpha_GPC__300_mg__60_Vcaps_-_iHerb_comCholine is the building block of acetylcholine and without it, acetylcholine can not be produced. Alpha GPC helps to increase the levels of choline in the brain which in turn helps to boost cognitive functions.

It is absorbed quickly through the bloodstream into the brain, where it helps to activate the protein kinase C in the hippocampus. It also boosts the natural levels of the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin.

The Formula In Now Foods Alpha GPC

Each serving contains 600mg of Alpha GPC

How To Take Alpha GPC

The manufactuers recommended that 2 capsules is taken twice a day with food. It usually peaks in the body after 1 to 3 hours.

It is advised not to take Alpha GPC before bed as some users feel overstimulated and struggle to sleep.

Taking too much Alpha GPC can cause headaches and restlessness.

Alpha GPC should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

User Reviews

There is a mixed bag of feedback.. for every positive report, there is another saying that this supplement falls short of expectations… The Jury is decidedly out on this one – it could offer some benefits to some users

Where To Buy Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC can be purchased online from various suppliers ( iherb is one example – Prices vary from between $25 – $40 for 60 capsules ( 15 days supply)

Any Guarantees

There are none provided

My Thoughts

With a very mixed bag of reviews and the single ingredient, I do believe that Alpha GPC falls short of the mark.. It will offer some help for sure, but there are other products out there with a more rounded, clinically formulated ingredient list that will without any doubt offer users better results across the board…

May Offer Some Mild Benefits – But There Are Better Products Available…

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