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Nootropic News Stories

The nootropic world is an ever changing science, virtually every week there are news articles telling us about new ideas, developments and product launches that could make a huge difference to our brains and in fact our lives..

We will report on these developments as they happen and will post any interesting articles here for your information

September 12th 20152015-08-29 11.18.58

Supplement manufacturers Opti Nutra have released what is without any doubt the most cleverly formulated, scientifically proven natural nootropic ever made… Called Mind Lab Pro it ticks every single box without any doubt….

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September 1st 2015

A new article on Newswire tell us about a company that is developing a nootropic supplement ant-eating-sugarmade primarily from Ants…the insects are said to be packed with brain boosting compounds that will enhance focus, memory and concentration… Tempted?? Don’t think so…….

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