Nootrobox Sprint Not As Good As Coffee

Nootrobox Sprint Not As Good As Coffee

Companies Own Study Shoots Their Product Out Of Water

HVMN ( formally Nootrobox) could see their business implode after results of a study commissioned by themselves discovered that a simple cup of coffee was more effective than their best selling Sprint Nootropic

Marketed as a natural brain boosting ‘smart pill’ that can (they claimed) help boost focus, concentration and memory.. the manufacturers decided to pit it directly against caffeine in a landmark clinical trial.

The study was held in Maastricht University in the Netherlands, with the aim to demonstrate just how Sprint could help you “conquer a big project, a long day at work or any other mental demanding task”

The Results

The resulting conclusion was quite shocking, with the suppliment performing worse than a good old fashioned cup of coffee in most areas.

The full details of the study have not yet been published ( I understand that the makers have asked for the publication to be delayed) But I have managed to discover the basic facts:

A small group from the university assessed memory performance, attention and sensory motor speed, they also studied heart rate, alertness and blood pressure…they were split into two groups with one group taking Sprint, the other a simple cup of coffee

After both 30 and 90 minutes after taking either Sprint or a cup of coffee, the test subjects were given a verbal learning test to analyse their mental performances.

The conclusion was that the group taking just coffee, performed better, had greater memory and sensorimotor speed.. The study also found that the caffeine was more effective when taking into account test subjects working memory, delayed recall and general response time.

The group taking Sprint did come out on top in a couple of areas, it did not increase blood pressure quite as much as caffeine and this could mean fewer side effects such as headaches, the supplement also performed slightly better than the coffee when testing the subjective alertness at 30 minutes after ingestion.

Read more about the study here

I understand that the manufacturers have disputed these results, and rather strangely just one month after the result of the study, they changed the name of their company from Nootrobox to HVMN – Perhaps to distance themselves from the failure..


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