Noogenix Nootropic Review

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

Noogenix Nootropic Review

The New Kid On The Block, But Just How Good Is Noogenix?

Noogenix is a new natural nootropic recently launched onto the marketplace by UK based Vita Balance Ltd..

Claiming it to be the ‘Ultimate Nootropic’ It promises to help its users by:

  • Increasing Memory and Recall
  • Boosting Focus And The Ability To Concentrate For Longer Periods Of Time
  • Speeds Up Brain Processing

The Formula In Noogenix

The formula is a huge list of various minerals, Vitamins and other compounds.. the makers disclose full details on around half of the ingredients, but then for some inexplicable reason prefer to hide the details of the rest behind a proprietary blend totalling 692mg

The list is too large to type the full details here… please see image of product label for all ingredients:

How To Take Noogenix

The daily serving is 2 capsules.. the makers suggest taking one mid day and the other during the evening..

Users Feedback

As a new product, there are precious few independent reviews out there… the official website has the obligatory glowing reviews as you would expect…

Now I am not doubting the validity of this official feedback, but I do prefer to read more independent reviews, as the makers themselves have no control over what people say and i do believe that you get a more accurate opinion…

Reported Side Effects

There are no reports of anything adverse, but checking on webmd  the key ingredient of DMAE (AKA Deanol) throws up some concerning reports of side effects that can include:

  • Constipation
  • Itching
  • Headaches
  • Drowziness
  • Insomnia
  • Confusion
  • Vivid dreams
  • Depression
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Unwanted movements (twitching) of the face

Where To Buy Noogenix

You can only currently buy Noogenix direct from the official website.. it currently costs $29.95 for a bottle contain a 30 day supply, there are some larger packages available

Any Guarantees?

The makers do offer a 30 day cash back guarantee, but reading the terms and conditions, it appears to only apply to incorrect orders and unopened bottles… from what I have read, if you do actually try Noogenix and are unhappy with the results you will NOT get your money back

My Thoughts

The makers certainly talk the talk, but when you really take a good in-depth look at the formula, it all falls apart in my opinion… there are simply so many ingredients in the mix, it is physically impossible to ensure that enough of any of this huge list of compounds can be contained in a 2 capsule serving… as an example the proprietary blend which totals 692mg contains no less than 20 ingredients…. there is no way that this proprietary blend contains sufficient amounts of any of the key nootropic ingredients for it to have any real nootropic effect whatsoever….

This product is (in my opinion) a glorified and expensive multivitamin supplement and not the powerful and effective nootropic that the makers claim it to be..

For Me – Noogenix is Weak and Underpowered…

I respectfully suggest that you look elsewhere… maybe as a starting point, you could check out my top nootropics page? the products listed here are all fully guaranteed, are proven to work, with well formulated, fully disclosed formulas that really deliver some great results.

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