Neurolon® Review

Neurolon® Review

Makes Some Bold Claims, But Just How Good Is Neurolon®

Neurolon® is a naturally formulated nootropic supplement manufactured in The US by  Vitalise International Enterprises Inc

The makers claim that it is ( I quote) “The Best Brain Supplement On The Market Today”, with its all natural formula being suitable for professionals, teachers, students, and hit flying executives..

They claim that their all natural formula can help users by:

  • Improving memory, focus and concentration
  • Slowing age related cognitive decline
  • Boosting alertness and productivity
  • Reducing the effects of stress

The Formula In Neurolon®

This is where I started to feel that something wasn’t quite right with this one… the official website does not give ANY information on the ingredients whatsoever… looking on Amazon, there is a very vague mention that the product contains Gingko Biloba, Bacopa, Huperzine A, Phosphatidylserine and L-Glutamine. they then  add “plus many other ingredients”

There is no clear images of the product label, or any information on how much of anything is in each daily serving..

Taking Neurolon®

There is no firm instructions on how or when to take either, i did discover that the daily serving is 2 capsules, but I cannot tell you if they should be taken together or seperately – the makers fail to give any guidelines.

Users Feedback

The official website contains the obligatory user testimonials and videos, looking elsewhere for more independent feedback the picture is not so glowing with many people failing to see any benefits whatsoever….On Amazon, the majority of reviews are ‘paid for’ which means that those reporting on the product have been given it for free or at a heavily discounted price in return for their review…. I always question the validity of this types of feedback…

Any Reported Side Effects

I haven’t been able to encounter any adverse reactions caused by taking this product.. I did find a few reports of it having an unpleasant fishy taste – but this is not really a side effect..

Where To Buy Neurolon®

You can order directly from the official website for $59.95 ( months supply), but when I tried to buy it, the order page was down… It is also available on sale on Amazon for varying prices that range from $59 to $83

Any Cash Back Guarantees

The makers to mention a 60 day cash back guarantee, but I could find no further information anywhere about its terms, conditions or how to initiate a claim

My Thoughts

It’s so obvious that this product is all about making money for the manufacturers.. the complete lack of information about the formula and how to even take this product tells me that the makers are only interested in making a fast buck and not the welfare of their customers…

You have no clear idea of what or how much of anything is in the mix, and quite frankly I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you give this one a wide berth and look elsewhere.

There are some great nootropics products out there, that provide you with fantastic results, and provide all the information you need to back up their claims and formula with solid clinical research..

The best ones are listed on my Recommended Nootropics Page..

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