Neurofuse Review

Neurofuse Review 

Can You Ignite Your Focus with Neurofuse?

Looking to get in the zone? Neurofuse promises to ignite your fuse to ensure your brain is well and truly ready for anything.

Neurofuse is a high performance cognitive enhancer designed to deliver clean energy, targeted focus and sharp mental performance without any crashes, jitters or side effects. It uses a unique blend of powerful natural ingredients toneurofuse60big super charge the brain and provide razor-sharp focus.

There are some bold claims being made here concerning focus, energy, alertness, stress, anxiety and memory – let’s see if they perform when put to the test.

What’s in Neurofocus’s Formula?

Neurofocus contains a blend of 13 clinically tested ingredients. Here they are:

  • Vitamin D3 (667iu)
  • Vitamin B6 (3.3mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (33.3mcg)
  • Neurofuse Blend (903mg) – rhodiola rosea, caffeine anhydrous, L-theanine, bacopa monnieri P.E 20%, alpha lipoic acid, choline bitartrate, vinpocetine, huperzine A

Directions for Use

c8bcbeba2b8eThe manufacturer recommends starting out with 1 capsule to assess your tolerance, before incrementally increasing to two to four capsules depending on how your body reacts to the supplement.

Never take more than six pills within any 24 hour period and always try to take Neurofuse with food when possible.

User Feedback

Not all reviews live up to the promises made by the manufacturer. In fact, negative reports do outweigh users who have positive things to say about the product.

The Good

Let’s begin with the positive – there is good feedback in terms of focus, concentration and energy from some users, who are also happy that, as promised, there are no bad side effects experienced when using this product. Others report feeling much more engaged in their work, able to prioritise and generally able to get more out of each day. This supplement is also praised for its ability to treat ADHD.

The Bad

However, there’s lots of less positive sentiment, too – a number of reviewers say they experienced no notable results when taking this product, and others claim that none of its ingredients are particularly powerful in their ability to boost brain cognition.

Sentiment around the manufacturer is poor, too – numerous reviews say that the claims made by Neurofocus are based on shoddy science, and people who have opted into the 14 day free trial have been dismayed to see money taken from their accounts after this has finished.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon


Where to Buy Neurofuse

Neurofuse can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer at Here you can purchase a single bottle subscription with a month’s supply for $59.99, a two bottle subscription for $99.99 and an individual bottle ay $69.99. A free 14 day trial of the product is also offered under an auto ship program.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

If you’re not thrilled with Neurofuse when you try it the manufacturer offers a full money back guarantee as long as they receive the product within 30 days or purchase. This only applies to your first purchase.

My Thoughts

Neurofuse regretfully follows the same line as so many nootropic supplement manufacturers, in that they fail to disclose the actual amounts per dose of their key ingredients… Instead they pack them all into a proprietary blend totalling 903mg… with 8 ingredients in the mix, you can be 100% sure that there is not enough of anything to have any truly effective results.

Another point to mention is that if you take the 24 day free trial, you are signing up to an autoship program where the makers will continue to ship at regular intervals monthly supplies of their product – great and convenient if you want the supplement, but the internet is packed with countless stories of users trying to cancel these agreements and having their bank accounts charged repeatedly for products that they simply do not want…I am not saying that this is definitely the case with Neurofuse, but some user reports do indicate that similar problems have occurred…

For me, Neurofuse lacks potency and as for the auto ship program….I say – Stay Away…There are far better products out there that fully disclose their formulas and do not want to tie you into buying regular supplies of their products.
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