Neuro67 Nootropic Review

Neuro67 Nootropic Review

Promises So Much, But Does Neuro67 Deliver?

I have been recently contacted by a guy called Dr Garcia-Fresco…. He introduced himself and told me that he and his team believe that they have developed a potent and effective nootropic called Neuro67 and has asked me directly for my input and review….

He is sending me a bottle to actually try for myself (always the best way I believe) but in the mean time, I wanted to get some facts and details down about this natural brain booster….

It promises to help users by:

  • Boosting Focus And Concentration
  • Increase Processing Speed
  • Improve Working Memory
  • Better Creativity

The Formula In Neuro67

This is a problem to me…. The official website lists the individual ingredients but not the amounts of each component per serving.. I actually emailed Dr Garcia Fesco directly and asked him if he would give me the full information but he declined….

This is what I know is in the mix:

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Huperzine A
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Alpha GPC
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitne
  • Vitamins B6 and B12

How To Take Neuro67

The suggested dose is 2-3 capsules daily with food

Users Feedback

A good online search failed to uncover any independent feedback on how this product works… I of course am waiting for my own bottle and once i receive it and have tried it , I will come back and add my own personal comments and feedback

Any Reported Side Effects

As above – there are no reports to date…. I must state, that there is nothing in the mix that have been linked (yet) to anything really adverse.

Where To Buy Neuro67

You can order Neuro67 direct from the manufacturers website… a 10 day supply (at max dose of 3 capsules per day) will cost you $59.99 plus shipping… here are some larger bundles available (some with free shipping) that offer better value for money..

Please note that according to the website.. they currently only ship within the US

Cash Back Guarantee

The website does mention a 60 day cash back guarantee… It’s not clear but I assume that it covers opened bottles ( after all you have to try it to find out if it works for you)

My Thoughts On Neuro67

There is no doubt that Neuro67 contains some well known and recognised nootropic ingredients, and I am sure that for some users it will offer some benefits….

I do however, have a number of initial concerns.. firstly the makers unwillingness to share the full details of their formula with (firstly) me and more crucially their buying public… quite simply you can have the best, most effective nootropic ingredients in the world, but if the quantities in each serving are too small, then all you will experience is disappointment and frustration…..With Neuro67 you simply do not know the full details of what you are taking, and for me it’s a big negative….

I am not a great fan of Huperzia A.. while it is a proven nootropic, there some concerns that longer term use can potentially cause problems.. some scientists are of the conclusion that when taken long term it produces an enzyme that actually breaks down acetylcholine in the brain – this could have a detrimental effect on brain function… I must state that it’s only concern at the moment and I understand that more studies are being carried out to determine if this is a real problem…..

I am however aware of manufacturers who have removed Huperzine A from their products because of this potential problem…

Another ingredient that I am not a great fan of is Alpha GPC.. now its nootropic effects are recognised, but for me I prefer Cognizin Citicolin… this has been subjected to actual human tests and trials, where as the former has ( I understand) just been tested on laboratory animals.

Read My Article – Alpha GPC Vs Citicoline

Finally.. it’s really expensive… if you take the max dose of 3 capsules per day you will use a bottle in just 10 days. That brings the cost up to just under $180 per month (unless you buy the larger bundles), but it still one of the most expensive natural nootropics out there)..

To Sum up… I have written this review based on what I have read on the main website and my in-depth research into this product and in particular the ingredients contained in it… I will be trying this product myself just as soon as I receive the bottle….And I will be pleased to give you my honest personal feedback in due course..

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