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Mind Lab Pro Review – Is This The Best Nootropic Ever? — 4 Comments

  1. I have been taking this product for about 2 weeks and I had good effects so far. I saw your review and I know you have been taking it longer than I have. How long have you been taking it and have you had any reason to change your favorable views about the product? Curious as to whether the benefit wears off

    Thanks Patrick

  2. Hi Patrick

    Thanks for your question…. Glad to hear that you are seeing the benefits of taking Mind Lab Pro… I have had some great results with it, and still take it to this day… its silly things that I have noticed recently.. we bought the game Scrabble over xmas, and I have won every game so far…. I still find that my concentration and focus is sharper than it has ever been and i do find that I see to remember stuff much easier

    For me its the best one I have tried, and I will keep taking it – thats for sure

    Best Wishes


  3. how long did the effects take to kick in? I am in my third day of taking mindlab pro and I seem to not be getting it’s full effects yet. I was just wondering how long did it take for mindlab pro to kick in for you

  4. Hi Jim… For me It took about 7 days before i really felt any difference… as with anything it will vary from user to user i guess…. give it time.. I am sure you will notice the effects soon…I certainly did…Please let me know how you get on.. Thanks Paul

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