Mind Boost Nootropic Review

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2016)

Mind Boost Nootropic Review

Mind Boost – the secret to mental edge?

Created to help boost focus, concentration, attention span and the ability to retain information, nootropic supplements are great for supporting healthy cognitive function. Whether you’re looking to make your workouts more intense, are studying for examples or simply want to feel your best mentally, natural nootropics could be the perfect solution for you. Mind-Boost-Night-Formula

What’s in Mind Boost’s Formula?

Manufactured by Simple Smart Science, this nootropic supplement includes both a day and night formula. The idea of this is to support brain functioning in the day and help memory and learning while sleeping.

The day formula contains four key ingredients – folic acid, vitamin B12, monosodium citicholine and rhodiola root extract. While citicholine has been proven to support focus and cognitive inhibition, rhodiola root helps decrease levels of stress in the brain and boost mental performance.

The night time formula includes green tea extract, olive leaf extract and picamilon to help calm the brain and supports the natural sleep cycle. The antioxidants found in green tea extract support general brain health, while olive leaf extract fights free radicals and helps memory formation and storage. Picamlion, meanehile, raises GABA levels in the mind, which helps lessen stress and anxiety.

Directions for UseMind-Boost-Day-Formula

Users should take the day capsule in the morning each day, whilst the night formula is taken before sleeping.

Users Feedback

An overriding sentiment here is that although this nootropic is effective, it is not a miracle overnight treatment, and it can take time for users to see any real effects. Most people also agree that there are more powerful nootropics on the market.

That said, users of Mind boost have expressed with the supplement’s ability to improve memory, sharpen focus and concentration and make users feel relaxed and able to tackle everyday tasks.

Where to Buy Mind Boost

This supplement is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website, www.simplesmartscience.com. The standard price per bottle is MindBoost is $129.95, although various offers are available.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

The manufacturer offers not only a 120 day money back guarantee, but also gives users $100 for giving Mind Boost a try.

Our Thoughts

One of the weaker products on the market, it certainly seems to help alleviate stress and can give a slight boost to concentration… could possibly suit someone who just wants that little bit extra focus, or someone trying their first nootropic …The offer of an extra $100 just for trying it is certainly attractive, but don’t let that sway you – after all you are still putting something into your body, so think very carefully first….

Not The Best Out There – But Certainly Not The Worst.

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