Go Cubes Review – Can They Really Boost Your Brain Power

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

Go Cubes Review

Can These Coffee Bites Really Boost Your Brain Power?

Supplement makers Nootrobox are responsible for the development and soon to be launched nootropic supplement called Go Cubes…. an entirely different approach to boosting brain power and one I thought needed further investigation.This_Tiny_Cube2_of_Cold_Brew_Is_the_Only_Caffeine_You’ll_Ever_Need

What Are Go Cubes

Go Cubes are a rather different way of taking nootropic supplements… they come in the form of a cube shaped chew about the size of a large sugar lump.

When chewed they can ( it is claimed) give brain function a boost, with improved focus and concentration being reported by many of those involved in its product testing.

The Formula In Go Cubes

They are impregnated with several natural ingredients all known to help boost awareness, focus and concentration.. we understand that 2 cubes is the equivalent of a cup of strong coffee.

Each Go Cube contains:

  • Caffeine 50mg
  • L-Theanine 100mg
  • Vitamin B3 25mg
  • Vitamin B6 10mg
  • Vitamin B12 500mcg
  • Foic Acid 500mcg
  • Glucuronolactone 125mg
  • Inositol 125mg


  • Sugar 6000mg

This_Tiny_Cube_of_Cold_Brew_Is_the_Only_Caffeine_You’ll_Ever_NeedDirections For Use

Take Go Cubes as you would drink a cup of coffee.. when you wake, or simply when you want a ‘pick me up’

Users Feedback

So far the reviews are limited to those involved in the tests and trials… these reports are quite positive, with users feeling that caffeine ‘BUZZ’ that you would get after drinking strong coffee or an energy drink like Red Bull.

Not everybody liked the taste of the cubes however:

images and taste review courtesy of http://mic.com

“The outside of the cube tastes like coffee candy. It’s savory. It satisfies the coffee flavor you associate with getting in the zone to do work. But the gelatinous inside, where all the ingredients live, doesn’t feel like a brilliant Willy Wonka concoction that replicates precisely the experience of drinking a latte.
And that’s where Go Cubes hit a hurdle. All the ingredients in the Go Cube — caffeine, L-Theanine and all the different B vitamins — taste like shit in their original state, which is why you usually take them as a pill or already diluted in milk and sugar. With Go Cubes, it’s hard not to taste all the supplements. “

Any Reported Side Effects

Its too early to tell but we would recommend anybody with an intolerance to caffeine to avoid these.. If any adverse issues arise, I will post details here.

Where To Buy Go Cubes

The product is currently under its final manufacturing processes with the plan to ship orders in November , the makers are taking pre orders now through fund raising website indiegogo… price wise, currently you can order from a number of packages:

  • 24 cubes $20
  • 50 cubes $32
  • 80 cubes $50
  • 250 cubes $144

*All Plus Shipping costsThis_Tiny_Cube1_of_Cold_Brew_Is_the_Only_Caffeine_You’ll_Ever_Need

Any Cash Back Guarantees

There doesn’t appear to be any guarantees offered.. they briefly mention a return policy in their terms and conditions but I couldn’t find any actual written information regarding this so called return policy or guarantees anywhere..

My Thoughts

It looks interesting at first glance, but in all truth, this looks like it will do no more that potentially give you that short term ‘hit’ you get from a cup of strong coffee or an energy drink… Its packed with sugar (6 grams) and although they tell you its fuel for the brain, it’s going to do your diet no good, let alone what it could do to your teeth….

Bit of a fun gimmick with no true long term nootropic benefits – thats my opinion..

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