Effects of Nootropics

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2018)

Effects of Nootropics

Nootropics can be a great way to give yourself the mental edge needed to complete certain intricate tasks…

Some people use them to help them concentrate when studying for crucial examinations, others use them to help maintain focus in the workplace or when playing sport… they can also help you reach your fitness goals.


Mental clarity, focus and discipline are all integral to building and maintaining serious muscle mass, and all can be boosted by responsible use of nootropics.

Nootropics work by altering the neurotransmitters in the brain and improving communication between the brain’s neutrons to make them more efficient.

This sees a whole host of positive effects on cognitive abilities, including improved memory, better mental clarity and thought processes, and a boost in focus and concentration levels.

Classes Of Nootropics

While all nootropics work to support the brain’s general function, different strains of these stimulates have their own unique effects. Let’s look at the seven broad classes of nootropics and their impact on brain function:


These supplements increase levels of acetylcholine in the brain. High levels of acetylcholine can improve the rate at which new connections are created in your brain and make your neurons more adaptable – this improves long-term memories and memory consolidation.


Rather than boost acetylcholine levels, racetams improve the sensitivity of the acetylcholine receptors to improve communication between neurons. This can result in improved verbal fluency, problem solving, abstract reasoning and memory.


These nootropics work to increase the level and activity rate of dopamine in the brain. Higher levels of dopamine can help ease depression, anxiety and stress while improving motivation, confidence and focus.


These supplements function by improving the brain’s serotonin levels, thereby enhancing mood and helping with insomnia, low attention span, depression and lack of control over impulses.


Particularly effective in improving brain health and performance, these herbal-derived compounds help support the body’s ability to return brain cells to their proper balance. Adaptogens also help lower sensitivity to environmental stress.


These nootropics affect the metabolic function of brain’s neurons and increase blood flow to the brain – this means more oxygen and glucose, which is needed to make ATP energy to power cellular processes in the brain. Others enable neurons to take up nutrients and raw materials more easily, boosting brainpower.


These nootropics use caffeine and amphetamines to stimulate the central nervous system and boost energy levels and alertness. This can help users become more driven, able to process information more quickly and stay focused. This type of nootropic has a higher risk of side effects, however, and is often best left for one-off use.

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