Cogni Veda Nootropic Review

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2016)

Cogni Veda Nootropic Review

Just How Good Is This Liquid Based Nootropic

After reading on Twitter about a natural nootropic called Cogni Veda…. i decided to check it out and give it my honest and open cogni_veda-1review..

What Is Cogni Veda 

Cogni Veda  is a liquid based, natural brain supplement that helps ( and i quote) “Replenish Your Mind, Body And Spirit”

The makers ( Nariveda) tell us that their product helps to:

  • Penetrate the blood brain barrier
  • Improves brain functions such as memory, recall, focus, creativity
  • Enhances brain activity
  • Stabilises the Mitochondria Membrane
  • Increase circulation within the brain
  • Fights fatigue

The Formula In Cogni Veda 

The ingredient list in Cogni Veda  is exhaustive… each serving (small 5ml spoonful) contains approx 35 separate ingredients….

See bottle label for complete listing:


How To Take Cogni Veda 

The recommended dose is 1 spoonful in the morning ( take with mineral water or juice) and if required a second spoonful in the afternoon.

Users Feedback

The official website has ( as you would expect) a list of glowing reviews…. looking elsewhere at more independent sources.. There is no feedback available anywhere…

Any Reported Side Effects

With the lack of any independent reviews, its little wonder that I could not find any reports of any side effects.. should I find any, I will post here..

Where To Buy Cogni Veda 

You can buy either from Amazon, or direct from the manufacturers Nariveda.

A bottle contains 50 servings will cost you a staggering $149.95..

Any Guarantees?

The makers do not generally accept any returns, neither do they give any refunds unless there is truly extenuating circumstances – and if they do agree to refund they charge you a 15% re-stocking charge

My Thoughts

The high costs aside ( Its one of the most expensive nootropics I have ever reviewed) there is no doubt that Cogni Veda  contains a few decent nootropic ingredients….Alpha GPC, Citicoline, Vitamin B6 and Gingko for example are all well recognised brain boosting ingredients….

For me however, with so many separate ingredient crammed into one tiny spoonful, its pretty obvious to me, that although many of the ingredients are first class, there simply cannot physically be enough of them all in each serving for the product to actually have the promised effect…

Weakly Formulated And (In My Opinion) Underpowered – Might Offer Some Mild Benefits

On the plus side It could offer anybody with an aversion to swallowing pills a viable alternative, but for me, I am sorry to say that for the money… there are better products out there… many of these can be found on my recommended Nootropics list

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