Cholinergic Nootropics

What Are Cholinergic Nootropics 

This strain of nootropics targets the brain’s cholinergic system and the cholinergic receptors – these are closely involved in the important processes the brain undertakes every second of the day. The cholinergic system plays such an51355aad4512ff18730e1174f49efcb83ced70d61cf992141b0efa0d2a4578fe_large integral part in the brain’s workings that malfunction in this area has been linked to severe cognitive decline and even Alzheimer’s disease.

These nootropics also support the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, which this plays a critical role in the brain’s coordination, memory, focus, learning and sensory reception.

Types Of Cholinergic Nootropics 

The majority of cholinergic nootropics belong to the racetam family, although there are others, like Alpha GPC and Citicoline, which work to increase the amount of acetylcholine in certain parts of the brain in order to improve cognitive functioning. These acetylcholine-increasing nootropics are often combined with racetams as they work well in synergy together.

The third type of cholinergic nootropics work differently to racetams and acetylcholine. These deplete the enzyme in the brain that breaks down acetylcholine – whilst this enzyme is needed within the body to terminate muscle movement, too much has negative effects on cognition.

These supplements are often used in combination with racetams for more noticeable results – racetams stimulate the receptors that produce acetylcholine, and giving the brain additional choline ensures that enough NOW-03085-3acetylcholine is released when the receptors are activated. This means there are higher improve its overall cognitive functioning.

Popular Cholinergic Nootropics 

Alpha GPC, Citicholine, and Centrophenoxine are all effective cholinergic nootropics that are safe to use and are generally free from side effects for the vast majority of users.

Alternatives like Choline Bitartrate, conversely, come at a lower cost but don’t produce equally powerful effects.

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